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  1. i was hoping when i got to 200 posts i could. deep disappointment.
  2. i am beginning to suspect that it is embarrassingly easy to make me lol
  3. OK Computer was the first album i heard. my favorites were/are Karma Police, Let Down, and Subterranean Homsick Alien
  4. words are blunt instruments words are sawn off shotguns come on and let it out come on and let it out come on and let it out come on and let it out
  5. i have spent a large amount of time wondering this myself. and it's frusturating because i'm a good singer.
  6. wow, this is just the reading material i've been searching for.
  7. I'd say "Excuse me, but thank you for... uh... you know... rockin." and then i'd take his hand and kiss it.
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