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  1. I don't think Jonathan can save this place at this point but it would be nice if he would show up now and again. Give us a bit of moral support
  2. I thought they kind of sucked. The band left the stage at one point and Robert basically begged the audience to stay. Great songs, but I was disappointed.
  3. I haven't played brutal DOOM. Kind of don't see the point.
  4. Another 05er here. Wonder what was going on right then that so many of us joined a Radiohead message board.
  5. Brian


    You can type @ before a username to send a notification to another user, or even just type the username. For example, you would type '@brian' or 'brian' to notify myself. This could be done on a message board, as that's a feature over at The Annex TM, but MT doesn't have anything like that. I honestly, get a lot of misdirected notifications, since Brian is a fairly common name, but it's still a nice feature. I do understand that it can be a struggle to read everything that's posted on Slack, and I honestly, don't think it's intended for that. I had a hard time adjusting to it at first, and I did decide that I wouldn't use it, but then I noticed that a lot of people over there don't post here much at all, so I went back, and I've grown to like the pace of it. Sometimes, though, I just have to mark things as read. Sometimes, it is a bit frustrating knowing that I'm missing a lot of good Twin Peaks discussion, but the reality is that even on a message board, I'll miss a lot of discussion simply by virtue of being busy with other things. I do also like that it's more in the moment, and the use of reactions is something I miss a lot on MT. On a side note, another reason why I don't really like to use this message board right now is that when I just clicked to view "New Content," nearly every thread was spam of some kind. I know Jonathan has promised to fix that, but it's desperately needed.
  6. Brian


    There's all kinds of little things that bother me about the site after not using it as frequently. For instance, why can't you mention another user? The only way you can ensure that someone sees a post that you make is by sending a private message. Difficulty with sharing files is another thing. If the community itself had more traffic or whatever, then I would put up with it, but when nearly everyone that I like talking to on here is part of the Slack community, it just doesn't make any sense to visit both places I'll miss a few people like yourself or Will, but I just don't enjoy posting on MT as much as I used to.
  7. Brian


    If Jonathan improves the board, then I might post more, but even before I started using MT slack I was posting here less. It just doesn't feel like a vital community anymore.
  8. Also, I could not live without coffee.
  9. Beans are more versatile, I think. Eggs are a good ingredient for baking, but there are many vegetarian and vegan foods that simply are not possible without beans.
  10. Brian


  11. Brian


    Man, it's just not the same. Once you gain the ability to create a dancing emoji of the Man from Another Place, you just can't go back. It's way too difficult to share images on MT. Makes me wonder how I ever put up with it.
  12. Brian


    Please don't join.
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