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  1. I (co-)run a forum, which includes some former AtEasers and so far a couple of people from MT. AtEase is dead too so it's kind of the last holdout. Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll link you.
  2. * positive ratings from people on my RYM compatibility list top 30 + about ten other accounts * personal recs * Scaruffi 7/10 or higher * Michele Saran on ondarock 7/10 or higher An expanded to-listen pile would also include Pitchfork BNMs, positive ratings from anyone on my RYM compatibility list, high list placements on the communities I frequent, and positive ratings from one of about 40 other accounts. But the last few years I've tried this (including this year) the list ended up being too long and I had to pare it down.
  3. The Morning Star is on my to-listen pile for 2018 and I should hear it before the end of the year. I hadn't heard of Cruelster though, so thanks. I'll add that to the pile as well.
  4. So far I like these: 1. Mary Halvorson—Code Girl 2. Tropical Fuck Storm—A Laughing Death in Meatspace 3. Hop Along—Bark Your Head Off, Dog 4. Anna von Hausswolff—Dead Magic 5. Zenjungle—Fragmented Lives 6. Okkyung Lee—Cheol-Kkot-Sae 7. Nistimilk—No Mouth for Burial 8. Brett Naucke—The Mansion 9. Oneohtrix Point Never—Age Of 10. Christian Lillingers Grund—COR 11. Hong Chulki / Will Guthrie—Mosquitoes and Crabs 12. Grateful Dead—Pacific Northwest ’73-’74: The Complete Recordings 13. Grateful Dead—Dave's Picks Volume 25: Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY 11/6/77 14. Makhno—Leaking Words 15. Anthroprophh—Omegaville 16. Autechre—NTS Sessions 17. Gosheven—Bivaq 18. The Armed—Only Love 19. Zoë Mc Pherson—String Figures 20. The Caretaker—Everywhere at the End of Time Stage 4 21. Ondřej Adámek—Sinuous Voices [Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain / Daniel Kawka / Ondřej Adámek / Roméo Monteiro] 22. John Luther Adams—Everything That Rises [JACK Quartet] Still have lots to listen to. I'm not quite halfway through (the last few years I aim to get a top 50) and we only have three months of the year left.
  5. I think it's at least debatable, and doubtful that the Dems ultimately got anything out of the millions they threw into the race given that supposed longer shots ended up being closer races. Handel didn't win by as nearly much as Price, but he had the advantage of incumbency. She did win by more than Trump.
  6. A top five post-1979 for me would probably be: 1. Dead Man OST 2. Psychedelic Pill 3. Freedom 4. Arc 5. Broken Arrow (it's all about the first three songs)
  7. Definitely. Also, many of those who felt secure that they could at least inherit all or part of their parents' house (by far the most valuable asset of most youngish middle-class British people) had that security undermined by the spectacularly destructive "Dementia Tax" provision in the Tory manifesto.
  8. Most people want that kind of stability, many under the age of 45 grew up with the expectation that was what they would have, and few are actually getting it.
  9. What's even more intriguing to me is the threat that if Nigel Farage doesn't get his position, Arron Banks and Farage would "put something together". They might be anticipating the Conservatives would soften their position on Brexit, and UKIP could be rebranded as an anti-immigration party. That would split the right-wing vote and ensure one, maybe two terms of Labour government but the continued relevance of Farage.
  10. May tepidly campaigned for Remain but I think her heart was always with the Leave camp, she's first and foremost in my mind as the architect of the minimum income threshold for non-EU foreign spouses as Home Secretary. The ultimate goal of such a hateful policy is to reduce net migration, but it's not enough without applying it to EU citizen spouses as well, which would require leaving the EU and the single market. I think May only campaigned for Remain because she, along with most of the British political establishment, expected Remain to win, and she wanted to remain in David Cameron's good graces in the cabinet.
  11. The Tory-DUP majority is tiny and thus very fragile. A few by-elections and MP defections (in a time of increased instability over NI power sharing struggles and Brexit) would probably lead to another election, and the DUP's position is by and large safer than the Tories which gives them leverage. Also people who voted before are more likely to vote again, and political preferences in young adulthood are predictive of later choices (contrary to the conventional wisdom on the matter). The likely event of May being thrown out would probably give the Tories a bit of a honeymoon period, but the government would still be one crisis away from collapse, at a time when a crisis of some kind is relatively likely. The path to a Labour majority in a near-future election is relatively clear. First off, this election has given voters skeptical of Labour winning a sense of the possible. Also, IIRC there are 41 seats where Labour ended up less than 3000 votes away from beating the Tories, and the SNP's position in Scotland is increasingly vulnerable.
  12. There was a big shift in turnout in the Northern Ireland assembly election as well, which made me think there would be a rise in turnout across the UK as well (though not quite as much as this), for roughly the same reason: the EU referendum made young voters politically engaged. The no tuition fees/break on loans manifesto promise has been widely cited, and that probably helped as well, especially with turning young voters to Labour as opposed to the Lib Dems.
  13. Instead one of the lessons will be that the dark campaign kind of sucked.
  14. Hillary's campaign was actually one of the most lacking in the advertising of policy specifics in recent years. There was arguably far too much time and money spent on attacking Trump and his supporters rather than offering a positive vision.
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