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  1. thanks. im new to vinyl. thats why i asked. incessant, elitist dispositions still a requirement to post here at mortigi, i see.
  2. Dead Air Space says we will all get TWO clear 10" vinyl records with our purchase. What do I need with TWO copies of the same record? How this couldn't mean more music, I do not know. Also, the King of Limbs CD is set to come out on March 29. My hypothesis is that the new music will be both digitally released and physically released (as a double cd) on this day.
  3. what has the makings of an epic song to you might not hold true for someone else. and why must the album appease the status quo as we have long defined it in order to be seriously considered as a legitimate bit of music? seems to me that working against the status quo is something to be admired in an age where everything feels expected and blends together. and that's certainly one of the reasons i fell in love with radiohead. they constantly prove me wrong, just as they have done here. king of limbs is not what i was expecting, and good on them for giving me something i didn't see coming. it's eclectic, its unexpected and its fucking lovely. if its singles you're looking for, might i direct you to some black eyed peas albums.
  4. you wouldn't say that if you'd heard the tjm version.
  5. indeed. it was amazing, they just picked right back up with the song as well
  6. does anyone remember/have the video of thom stopping myxamatosis mid song to help so one in the front row? i can't find it anywhere
  7. considering that thom said it WASNT, i'm going to go with no
  8. I think it resembles A Wolf At the Door more than I Will
  9. i'd say sigur ros videos are better than radiohead's, actually. not discrediting radiohead though.
  10. how was it not a real release again? explain that.
  11. yeah, i'm glad someone mentioned boards of canada....that was the first thought that popped into my head when i heard the snyth in place of the piano
  12. the big mistake in that poll is bodysnatchers at number 8. try number 2
  13. if it is, in some way, shape or form, being purchased, then it counts. i don't like how people aren't seeing this as a legitimate album release, it is.
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