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  1. long live BOSTON UTTER CRAP! BFTA can play at me wedding yo
  2. HOLY FUCK it's slightly less convenient but worddddd thanks prohpy :>
  3. where you hover your cursor over the thread title and it displays a small sample of what has been typed in teh thread. i friggin loved that
  4. i've made love to this statue before
  5. i would never listen to a band called that. most likely. not to be rude or nuthin name your band after a pokemon
  6. me too!! b ut im the kind of person who has to go outside when he needs to convo over the phone cause the wallllls are paper thin here
  7. you'll get yr christmas song. just not at 1 o clock in the morning >_>
  8. okay this thread is making me cry now
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