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  1. I'm surprised a Coldplay album was #1 such an irrelevant magazine anyway. RKCZ
  2. God damn right Kid A made the list. What about Amnesiac and In Rainbows...? RKCZ
  3. Mr. Godrich would be the best producer. (Better than a trendy producer like the bunch out there) I just wanted to stir up some thought... RKCZ
  4. paralyzed? I wouldn't think so. I'm pretty sure Radiohead could produced themselves. I mean, really, what is a producer but an extra opinion. Right? RKCZ
  5. Thanks for the very respectful tone. I'm glad. I haven't contributed to a message board since high school; I'm 29 now. I thought that all forms of communication on the internet was ill mannered. But this is a Radiohead Board. Anyway... Timberland? Really? Hmmm, I was going to try something comical with that until someone actually mentioned him. I loved Timberlands style since Aaliyah and then his album with Magoo. I do not see Timberland with rock, though. I do not even see him with electronica acts like Bjork, but it happened (for some strange reason). Quincy Jones does no
  6. Early this morning while trying to fall back asleep I thought about evolution, religion, and then about whether it is a good idea that Radiohead work with a different producer to tweak their sound. Neil Godrich has produced the last five studio albums. One of the reasons, even if it may be a slight reason, why Pablo Honey, The Bends, and Ok Computer are distinctly different than one another is they all had different producers. I just think the same pair of ears brings about the same sounds. Do you or do you not agree with, perhaps, a different producer? RKCZ
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