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  1. I'm surprised a Coldplay album was #1 such an irrelevant magazine anyway. RKCZ
  2. God damn right Kid A made the list. What about Amnesiac and In Rainbows...? RKCZ
  3. Mr. Godrich would be the best producer. (Better than a trendy producer like the bunch out there) I just wanted to stir up some thought... RKCZ
  4. paralyzed? I wouldn't think so. I'm pretty sure Radiohead could produced themselves. I mean, really, what is a producer but an extra opinion. Right? RKCZ
  5. Thanks for the very respectful tone. I'm glad. I haven't contributed to a message board since high school; I'm 29 now. I thought that all forms of communication on the internet was ill mannered. But this is a Radiohead Board. Anyway... Timberland? Really? Hmmm, I was going to try something comical with that until someone actually mentioned him. I loved Timberlands style since Aaliyah and then his album with Magoo. I do not see Timberland with rock, though. I do not even see him with electronica acts like Bjork, but it happened (for some strange reason). Quincy Jones does not work either. Granted, Radiohead songs are indeed pop songs, as for as structure is concerned, but I still cannot seen Quincy Jones as a producer. To be fair, I will mention my desired producer. My desired producer is not a producer by the standard definition but someone who is in the music business as a creator and performer... I would have to go with Stuart Murdoch. RKCZ
  6. Early this morning while trying to fall back asleep I thought about evolution, religion, and then about whether it is a good idea that Radiohead work with a different producer to tweak their sound. Neil Godrich has produced the last five studio albums. One of the reasons, even if it may be a slight reason, why Pablo Honey, The Bends, and Ok Computer are distinctly different than one another is they all had different producers. I just think the same pair of ears brings about the same sounds. Do you or do you not agree with, perhaps, a different producer? RKCZ
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