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  1. Does he really think that there is no subtext to the this album and it is in fact souly about that tree?
  2. I agree about the tonality of codex. I love the phasing of the piano's chords and horns that come in towards the end. I think it was a good contrast to the first 5 songs because of how rhythmically driven they are. Kinda sets up Ghost and separator
  3. I don't think you do either. no one here wants another bends/ok computer album we want progression.
  4. In all of my reading about the the amount of participation of each band member I have yet to hear Ed's name hahahahahaha. I think he walked into studio and said something like, "well it looks like they got things cover here, I'm going back to bed."
  5. I disagree, there is alot more guitar, bass,and drums on this album than people are giving it credit for. Its just not overly any of them which is good. I think Bloom got a lot of people syked out.
  6. noticed that myself on my 3rd listen. If you think about it there are so many Radiohead-like elements in all of these songs while keeping it the most unique thing i've ever heard. loving the D-Draper pic, can't wait for the new season
  7. "if you think this is over, then your wrong" (to my last post) I wanted to rate each song first to last but every time i tried i couldn't. All i know is that Feral isn't first. But I'm diggin' Codex right now so i put that
  8. Thats why i think they are going to release more songs on May 9th with the physical copy(I remember Ed was saying that he really likes opening a new cd which he found as one of the downfalls of the way that IR was released). It would make sense right i mean the song is called Separator
  9. If Thom was going to influence any album by his solo stuff it would have been In Rainbows. I think it was a collaborative decision to go in this direction and a good one on top of it. I was Just listening to Feral and it kinda reminds me of in limbo, pulk/pull revolving doors, and the glooming in the way that they kind of divide up the albums. Idk its hard to explain. Love the album. favorite track is definitely codex cuz its in the same vein as videotape/four minute warning
  10. Does anyone know if you have to download any special software to receive that WAV format?
  11. I bought the noise canceling Bose headphones and the first thing I did was go lie in bed and listen to everything in it's right place. One of the most significant moments in my music listening career.
  12. Will the dvd burner remove the .rar thing because thats what is holding me back
  13. Do you know of any video burning programs that are free
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