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  1. lols i scanned this as "everyone should be as honest as possible and not shorter" my mind is so powerful i read what i want to read im gonna go for the older one. the problem - its not lossless. but my friend is a producer, so i assume he knows what hes doing, and it sounds way better than the other one anyway.
  2. re short songs - i am usually terrified of including more than 2 verses cos i feel like you need to be bob dylan to do that, and anyway i run of stuff to say
  3. um im figuring out what to do 1. submit a song i recorded with someone sort of producing it properly, so the sound is really good and there is instrumentation, but the song is about a year old 2. submit a new song, but the recording is sketchy and its just me and guitar i dont mind really, which seems more appropriate for the compilation as it stands (e.g. - to ad hoc)
  4. mm yeah i see this a lot when i do tutoring. this guy had to write an essay about why people should eat more fruit and veg and every paragraph started with "people should eat more fruit and veg" - i mean this is opposite, he basically never rephrased anything, and didnt realize that you cant just say the same thing over and over
  5. okay.. i've been read about on lossless and i dont really understand. all i gotta do is just put the file through a converter (a lossless converter) before i put it up, is that right?
  6. i thought the sixties had a reputation for long songs! the 80s is like, THIS SONG IS SO SHORT GUYS everyone listen to this song1!
  7. i think im too calm, if i was more excited there would be more sentences.
  8. have you read it and is it good? i heard someone talking about him once. (it was today about 20 minutes ago for the first time)
  9. i feel if you start using full stops you lose the rhythm, same with semi colons and stuff, the comma is the only useful kind of punctuation, im certain of this.
  10. three motherfuckin sentences! though i think one is unrelated to 2+3, and 3 is simply a restatement of 2! Never the child of the moon, always the child only of a bedroom, the child of clear-eyed financially sound forward planning, the kind of plan which accumulates over years of small decisions, microscopic savings in aisle eleven, my father's favourite aisle, where he met my mother when the Sunday's were long and good, the nights deep and bitter, in those after war years, the ash of the Blitz rising upwards in equal spread, upwards in the car park, like a flying carpet faint against the
  11. ah my flaw as a writer is that i can never connect 2 sentences together. i can only ever write one sentence, the next sentence will be about something completely different. here is one sentence anyway: I became useful to myself too, because I was one of us, the friends, useful to each other, offering a hand or quiet touch, as the fields marked how far we'd come, the mud drying and peeling, the dusky asexuality of a child's legs, one-two, one-two, the memory of a bramble scratch and the biro thin trickle of blood, motionless blood in fact, as if blood could never move, the heart's transf
  12. Picks are the crazy things ever Some times you drop them and, there not hard to find, they just disappear Gone Theres no where they could possibly be They just go
  13. Where I > Muse > Begin ? Hysteria = End > you ? = And > In My Place =
  14. really nice though, i always find it slightly annoying when people just copy pictures of celebrities but thats just me where are you applying/ what for?
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