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  1. Where I > Muse > Begin ? Hysteria = End > you ? = And > In My Place =
  2. thom may have written all the backing parts though... and then just got ed to do them live...
  3. i dont see how which albums you like, and whether they are placed at the beginning or end of a bands career, really reflects how much you like/ appreciate the band i dont see how liking ph and tb or am and httt has any bearing on how much you 'actually like radiohead' i can see where you come from in terms of radiohead at this current stage, today, but thats going to be irrelevant later, or maybe in terms of this is where radiohead want to be, but im not sure how relevant that is.
  4. i dont think many of the new radiohead songs are in danger of being underrated on this board they are all great though
  5. who is gonna be the first person to make some bizarre conclusion from this
  6. it basically means 'inch perfect production' and yeh you should definately use it more often in describing okc from now on
  7. eh? you think pablo honey is better than ok computer then?
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