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  1. Your avatar: that which is displayed to the left of your post which give us a picture to associate with your name.

    Your avatar depicts two human hands casting a shadow in the shape of a bear.

    Casting a play-shadow seems like the perfect metaphor.

  2. i was originally going to say "none of them" but then i remembered that i actually like this song
  3. i was gonna post something really mean but i can't remember what but basically you are a really shit poster and if i could -1 you i would oh yeah i remember now i can say whatever the fuck i want without having to worry about seeing a little red -1 beneath my otherwise flawless post
  4. don't forget the catchy steel drum tune
  5. i'm a lil anal tampon cake, cindy, you gotta love me
  6. you fucking don't get it, i have no issues with you twat
  7. yeah, very true very true that's weird though because i couldn't post for like 5 hours, you mean there was some sort of bug in the system where certain people couldn't post for 5 hours?
  8. just voicing my opinion on the latest feature. i think it's a fantastic idea but maybe we could tweak it so that it only applies to people in GRC and people with under 20,000 (two zero comma zero zero zero) posts. i imagine if we leave this system in place for much longer it will cause undesirable strain on our already stressed mods. wouldn't want them to snap. not to mention it would take forever for threads to propagate themselves with posts. again, great idea--i'm all for it--but we need to be able to use it only for weeding out the undesirables i got 99 problems... (phew, glad i saved another copy... kinda figured this would get lost in the mix)
  9. i'm an anal tampon cake

  10. ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa... HA!

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