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  1. Your avatar: that which is displayed to the left of your post which give us a picture to associate with your name.

    Your avatar depicts two human hands casting a shadow in the shape of a bear.

    Casting a play-shadow seems like the perfect metaphor.

  2. i'm an anal tampon cake

  3. ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa... HA!

  4. where is warn status?

  5. nonono, at first i was talking about donnymeandude who reminded me of heads on sticks in that he was intially reviled but eventually allowed into the fold

  6. hey, that song is pretty ill

    got any other good recommendations?

  7. i still haven't seen you make a single worthwhile post

  8. jimmy hart/nick

    that guy really grinds my gears

  9. he won't survive for long

    then again, remember heads on sticks? people call him by his first name now

  10. i am just fucking with you dude, i am trying to like you

  11. i will always take issue with you because i am a better poster and you know it

  12. change your sig pic

    wow how did you get 52 rep

  13. of course, silly me. one can or cannot write. it is a gift.

    and yeah, novella... sounds like an italian dress

  14. you're studying to be a writer, right?

  15. oops, that last part was supposed to say, "idk i'm fuckin' crazy" but i ran out of characters remaining

  16. upon asking an aaron to tell you about himself, he may spout off about things such as his "issues", drugs, music and very commonly, videogames. he was probably born to a bastard of a father and a bitch of a mother. nobody understands him and not because he is a unique and dainty snowflake but because he is a genius who walks that fine line between sanity and suicide.

    idk i...

  17. just kidding but that would be funny if i did

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