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  1. Just 2 tickets for me and my girl, so it will be a blast no matter what. I have to laugh everytime I read a comment like NotAnAndriod's and I do understand there are trolls everywhere on the net but I have only known truth in my life, why do you think I listen to Radiohead, we are a special breed. I will keep you all updated from time to time on my situation but I think ill just go back to reading all the great stuff I see on these pages. I wish the best to you all including the naysayer's
  2. Fyi all, my mom gave me the best christmas present ever, tickets to the show. For those of you who think im bullshiting by they way, go look in the mirror and truely take a good look at your selfves. I have read this sight almost everyday for years and i know that there are true human beings on hear expressing all that comes into them. My last though to the "i call bullshit crowd" is KARMA is a bitch.
  3. Well Id like to thank most of the ppl In this thread for there kind words. Yes I was Venting about the situation and was deffinatly not asking for anything. I do feel fortunate for the times I have seen the band. Also I did have ppl trying to get tickets but they were unsuccessful too. The cancer joking is pretty cruel and inhumane I must say. I have Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and the chemo I take everyday is called Sprycel which attacks the genetic mutation I have in my white blood cells. The only true cure is a bonemarrow trasnplant which I may have to have someday. marrow.org/Home.aspx is a great place to get a home test, that they send to you. There are other great places too, and I hope some of you take advatage of it because saving a life is no small thing its hope.
  4. Hello everyone, First please forgive me for my spelling and grammer I take a targeted chemo pill everyday because of my cancer and it makes me loopy. First off I live in Colorado and have been a huge fan forever I have seen the boys many times and my most proud momment was being at the benefit for Haiti with my best friend. Im am 41 btw, have a great girl freind and am so proud of my 18 year old son Orion who just started college. But for me the life party got side tracked when I found out that I had Lukemia this last July. Heres the pisser I know that most likely my last time to see Radiohead was goiong to be in Colorado with my son, girlfriend, my best friend and I. As some of you may know and most probbably dont the scalpers took most the tickets. I wish I was able to get into the presale at waste but I was to sick to do that. I contacted the venue and they said there would be plenty of ADA tickets, Disablty ones. I woke up got online and was ready to go, 10 seconds into the sale all tickets were sold out including the ADA tickets. From what I have learned and what I have read from blogs etc etc alot of the ppl had the same experience unless you were standing in line. Im just venting but I wish the band knew of the injustice that just happened. From what I know this was the only venue where a third party other than ticketmaster was involved which means blocks of tickets were sold to scalpers. A GA ticket was originally 69 US now going for 200 plus online 30 seconds after the sale started form tickethorse, its bs.
  5. What do you think 1/11/11 when we hear something?
  6. I live in the area of Colorado where they are doing the drilling and was appauled at what is in my back yard. The companies are trying to expand into the Roaring Fork valley as we speak about this. Please look up Tompson Divide Coalition http://www.savethompsondivide.org/p-electeds-91.html and sign up if you can. I dont want wells in my back yard.
  7. Flying in from Colorado hope we all have fun & a great set list to boot!!!
  8. I have the show if i can figure out how to post it i will. Its a trip hearing them talk about it on stage
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