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  1. Kinda skeptical because I'm pretty sure they have to have artwork and everything for video game books done quite a bit in advance.
  2. well i'm not behind radiohead, i don't even live in oxford
  3. Selene

    birds chart

    I listened to this hours ago but I was busy doing some other stuff and I couldn't reply in this thread until now although I've had this tab open for like three and a half hours anywhos for some reason the last song wouldn't play on my computer and seems to have disappeared off of my harddrive 4ever but yeah I really liked this mostly because of the uke and also Janel you have a purdyful singing voice.
  4. You Never Wash Up After Yourself is a good song (I am a fan of the Iron Lung EP although I h8 the Bends) but I just like the part where Thom Yorke says "ass" in Bodysnatchers :3
  5. the best santana song is oye como va (even though it's a cover) someone translated the lyrics for me once, but i forgot what they were! damn!
  6. This doesn't really work that well for me, the imagery I get in my head listening to Radiohead songs completely clashes with the sound of rain : |
  7. YAWA is fucking brilliant; HoC is a v amazing song, but just not near YAWA's level
  8. What is wrong with you people why can't you enjoy the brilliance of guitar and piano in perfect harmony as in STTM
  9. Selene

    birds chart

    yeah it'll be a toughie but i think i can squeeze it in
  10. Selene

    birds chart

    I'm downloading it now and I'll even listen to it later!!!!!! OMG
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