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  1. youtube keeps tearin it down and i need it in 720p or my eyes wont bleed properly please just throw it up here !!!!!!! have a heart
  2. said i post my stuff here seein as its very radiohead inspired Soundcloud we are strongly influenced by radiohead, Bjork, portishead, Aphex twin, etc. love some feedback
  3. i really hate when people without an ounce of musical incline make un educated staements like this ... in no way is it similar and i listen to cemetries alot... theres about 2 chords at the start similar ... melody is completly different ... instrumentation is completly different
  4. ............ was 9 euro here ... pretty cheap for CD
  5. they take them but the guy infront of me said he didnt want a photo and they didnt mind i got 2 papers and got my photo taken twice ....they didnt recognise me ... think they recognised a guy ahead of me and said to him that he couldnt get a second one .... got to be lucky really... a few guys who went a second time tolk over there coats to look different ... was a gud idea
  6. i think we'll all get a piece of thoms hair wen he cuts it
  7. as much as id love to sell it .. my friend already has dibs on it sorry
  8. for an entire year i was convinced it was ed singin wolf at the door on HTTT ... i was unfortunatly englightend tho
  9. seperator and its 2 chords just aint that gud ......
  10. the snare hit at the start of little by little ... dunno why just love it the false start to codex the entire song codex the second verse of give up the goust where the low distorted "in your arms" comes in on the right channel. the trumpet section in bloom the last verse of bloom where the filter vocals comes in a phrase before the actual vocals come in ... think its really clever the opening piano of bloom the wierd octave vocal thing in feral the drum sound in lotus flower and the synth string pad in the chorus last 3 seconds of seperator as the guitar fades out ... dont really l
  11. beats are really bass heavy and arnt good value for money ur payin for the name i use seenheiser hd650's and iv never heard a better pair of headphones great for everything especially radiohead !!
  12. it was ed actually i belive ... is simialar a bit chords are different just the off beat rhytem their played in is very similar
  13. love that im not the only one who does the driving test it passed !!
  14. im strictly not listening to it with anyone else first time ... couldnt be listening to people commenting while its playin first time will be headphones on ,eyes closed ,not moving ... no interuptions
  15. the nme article said that their spokesperson said there would be no concert and the tracklist would not be annonced ... if nothin was goin to happen why would he not just say nothing is goin to happen .... somethin will happen
  16. it happens in 8 or 9 hours thats the easiest way to work it out just google world clock and keep an eye on tokyo time
  17. yup tis friday here in ireland .. ya im a music producer so refrence quality headphones are a must but u can get some pretty good ones for cheap enough any sennheisers are good
  18. sennhieser hd 650's best headphones 300 beans can get you delicous set of cans will be listenin with them tomorro
  19. been tryin to pre order TKOL for a while and everytime i do ireland is unavailable in the countries list and iv emailed them twice and all i get is try again later when the site frees up ... HEELLLPPPP!!!!!
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