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  1. Thinking of traveling to NYC over spring break to visit friends and a city I love... and I really want to see Thom and Nigel DJ (never seen their act before) and yes, to see Thom sing "karaoke" as you call it over his own beats. I have friends going to this show too and I am so disappointed I missed out on tickets! Well I only need 1 ticket... Please if you have an extra, message me and let me know what you reasonably expect in return... Thanks.
  2. Came here to post this. Thom Yorke attends a private party celebrating the launch of A/W12 AnOther Magazine and the UK opening of Rag & Bone’s London Flagship store at Annabels on September 15, 2012 in London, England.
  3. Holy shit. Those are from the ANyone can play guitar DVD. Wow.
  4. For enthusiasts of Thom's jacket... wow... here's one on auction, and there are pictures of the very detailed stitching and whatnot. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380394748892
  5. for some reason I don't remember seeing this before... maybe you haven't either. and this is pretty cool
  6. Don't give up, keep refreshing the page if you can. Several people on AE were able to get tix just a few minutes ago. Also the general onsale WILL have some GA tix, not just reserved. Waste only gets a percentage of each section. I will be at all 3 Texas shows!
  7. They soundchecked it at the 2nd Roseland gig.
  8. i think the face includes the letters of his name, it's more apparent in other autographs
  9. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/297020_2252871855135_1648448556_2241795_732223950_n.jpg
  10. Not exactly. The quote is paraphrased (meaning, not what Ed said verbatim), but was verified by more than one person who heard it. So, that is not Ed’s exact quote. Here is another account of what Ed says, as you can see the words are a bit different but the point is the same. "gabbed w/Ed&Phil – got precise news, info, direct from his mouth, ‘to your mates who missed the show, tell them not to worry, we will be touring soon, be back in new york (& many otherplaces)& they will see us….’ & ‘new songs’ & ‘working on a ticket method to get real fans tickets, so your mates get
  11. my psyche still hasn't processed the fact that all this happened
  12. correct, they were not selling it but giving it away and they had hundreds (if not 1000) of copies! ironic they gave them out to people in the queue... a stack were left on the sidewalk for people to take... at the merchandise booth after the shows they were giving them away like halloween candy
  13. thanks. well i got there at 6:45 am and i was #7 as i said. crazy but i put my life on hold to travel to these shows so i wanted the best experience possible and i had no other reason to be in new york than to see radiohead and spend the day in line with other fans. person #1 had actually gotten there at noon the day before! waste invited her in to hear the soundcheck and help set up merchandise philip had no comment on chieftan mews. colin said he is "disgusting" and that he's not supposed to talk about it, they made him sign a paper. (which i tweeted to mews, and he retweeted...) big bo
  14. ah well i'm the lucky one who got the signed setlist and the daily schedule for wednesday... and I'm the one who asked thom about big boots and asked colin and philip about chieftan mews the whole experience was a whirlwind and quite unbelievable anyway here are the details you requested, but in spoilers because it's off-topic...
  15. Don't worry... I'm not trying to become anyone's competition or anything... But although I always considered myself a Thom girl, after seeing an entire show about 10 feet away from Jonny and talking to him after the show, I'm kinda a Jonny girl now too.
  16. i realize it seems like i took a lot of jonny pics. but i was right in front of him. besides I know plenty of other people would be getting thom
  17. speechless. just got home. rail both nights. met the band both nights. signed set list. cannot compute
  18. Hi guys I am absolutely desperate because two ticket partners have already stood me up and I am getting frantic. Please read carefully before responding. I have two WASTE tickets for Radiohead tonight. I am only using one of them. I need a partner who has two WASTE tickets for tomorrow (Thursday) who want to partner with me. You will be my plus one tonight, I will be your plus one tomorrow night. I am SEVENTH IN LINE and will be at the rail tonight. If you are my plus one, you will be front row as well! Because I have a WASTE ticket and WASTE gets in earlier than Ticketmaster, I am on
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