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    Thom Yorke is God. Trent Reznor is King, and Jeff Buckley is our tragic and beautiful Prince. This will be a good tale.
  1. Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. End of discussion. He has about three or four remixes of each of his songs it seems. He does some himself and let's others do the same. He has had several all remix albums as well. Some are really good, some are really bad, but all of them share the same attribute with all other remixes... they aren't nearly as good as the original mix.
  2. Let's not forget that Jonny and Phil were ACTUALLY in one of the movies playing their instruments at the ball or dance or gala... or whatever!
  3. I enjoy your enthusiasm but that does seem like a bit of a reach. I do think, however, that the horns on TKOL are the greatest part of this record... maybe even one of the greatest musical decisions Radiohead has ever made! The horns in Bloom are beautiful and the sweeping horns in Codex are absolutely perfect. There's really no other word to describe it other than perfect. Perfect.
  4. This guy likes Radiohead, Mortal Kombat, and Porn... My new favorite person.
  5. Is everyone on Fox News a smug little dolt? wait... Yes, yes they are.
  6. Yes, all of that. I also refuse to eat my caviar on anything less than a silver dish with matching embossed cutlery.
  7. Yes! I was excited when I first spied the trailer. What an amazing score.
  8. Until today I never realized that anybody could be more wrong than Hitler.
  9. I really don't want to see Jonny or his wife on the evening news talking about a failed kidnapping. Just throwing that out there.
  10. I think the point of this thread is being misinterpreted. He's basically venting about how it's difficult to couple such an ardent environmentalist outlook with the seemingly unnecessary waste that all of these special editions and multiple releases account for. I have to agree that the 12 inch TKOL has a great sound, and that it is quite annoying to get up every couple minutes to flip a record four times in a half hour. The only reason I even own the 2 clear vinyls is for "fanboy" purposes. I think at the very least they should have released the remixes 2 by 2 digitally and then a fully compi
  11. Trent Reznor is as much of a musical savant as Jonny Greenwood or Thom Yorke. Actually, though Radiohead is and most likely always will be my favorite band, I might even venture to say that Trent Reznor's genius surpasses the individual members of Radiohead who have each other to bounce ideas and sounds off of. Nine Inch Nails is less of a band and more of a one-man operation... has been since the beginning. I realize it might sound like I'm throwing Atticus Ross under the bus but Trent's magnum opus was already years behind him when they began collaborating. Though the music of these two jugg
  12. I know that when most people think of bloom they think about the wonderful instrumentation and the melodious cacophany it creates (it would be hard to ignore it... reminds me of a beautiful alarm clock). But when hearing this song, especially live, I'm just so thrilled that Thom has clearly been practicing and taking care of his belting. with the past few records (mostly In Rainbows) he has been focusing more on a falsetto/mumbly delivery, which isn't bad, but I just missed the days of The Bends or Ok Computer when his voice really soared. I was worried for a while though, because with voices
  13. Goddamnit is this a fucking grammar rodeo? How about we let everyone TALK the way they wanna TALK because this isn't a classroom and none of you are the teachers. It's a message board on the internet. We all have the power to delete each others presence from our lives... things aren't so critical, so stop being such.
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