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  1. i'll be getting a plane ticket after tuesday but not exactly sure when..hmm

  2. how soon? i never see you on skype : (

  3. sad but true. i will be leaving the city for good to move back to israel...:(

  4. hey sail! can you pm me your skype name again i cant find it in my pm's and think i might have deleted the pm by accident or something? and then i jus twasnt on skype for a while so i didn't think about it. but i'd love to hang out if you're in the city!

  5. (you can pm it if youd rather)

  6. sorry i somehow missed that i had new msgs on here. hope youll be back around soon! i actually don't use facebook, whats your skype name?

  7. sure! have you got a facebook or skype? don't check MT too often.

  8. coool you wanna hang out sometime?

  9. hey there. haven't been on MT for awhile..but i'm in nyc now!

  10. oh hi saw you in someones friends list are you still moving here??

  11. it seems you have a birthday today, so happy birthday! :)

  12. you looked at my profile on the 24th march. ommmm

  13. bella

    thanks you so much for that : ) i appreciate it. i was starting to wonder....

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