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  1. I believe Smashing Pumpkins released their Machina II album for free in 2000, then again they were no longer selling at that time so it never garnered the same attention given to In Rainbows.
  2. I believe there's a Guardian interview where he says, " I only wish I could play faster". Perhaps he's being modest....or he's absolutely being honest. Whichever, I think it would be interesting to see Jonny shred.
  3. Kirk Hammett, who knew? Metalheads are known to be quite vicious with their attacks on Radiohead and they will never ever listen to them, or at least that's what they say. Oh well, Kirk just got slightly cooler in my eyes.
  4. Yes I would love to see the pictures in bigger resolutions, if you don't mind. I was just so stumped by that Photo blog that pointed to her as Sharona so I had to ask.
  5. You're welcome. If she's the real thing, well, she's kinda cute so I wouldn't feel so bad anymore.haha
  6. Oh is she? Well then you answered my question, thanks! I thought I got lucky, oh well.lol
  7. I don't mind at all. It says there "esposa" which I think means wife. Actually it's a photo blog so maybe the owner of the account is merely speculating as to who could that be. I dunno. http://www.fotolog.com/paulihoney/59857255
  8. Found this on a latin site and while I don't speak, let alone read Spanish, the name Sharona was easily recognizable to me and it was dropped there somewhere. So my question would be, could it possibly be Jonny's missus?
  9. Lucky sob! What I wouldn't give to see Jonny's arse in a dream! Reality is out of the question of course.
  10. Too hot! The cheekbones, the lips and that hair.... Thanks for this!
  11. Thanks bunches to you Qwerrie for these gorgeous scans!*heart* And if you have more of Jonny doing god knows what stashed somewhere, don't hesitate to share!XD And yeah, this is so gay. Actually at one point (in the bends era I think), I was wholly convinced that Jonny was a closet case. Then he got married and had kids later on...lol
  12. Thanks Ali for these fabulous scans. Oh man, Jonny! He somehow managed to make something of a terrible bad habit like biting fingernails look sexy.
  13. You mean the anime/manga type decals he has on two of his teles? You can buy that or if you have your own design on hand, they could make one for you.
  14. Yeah, not the best shot but he looks cute anyway. Just makes me wonder though what the hell the photographer was thinking, only Jonny got a solo butt shot.O_o Talk about special treatment... Anyway, it's November 5th where I am now so Happy 38th Birthday to the sexiest Radiohead genius, !
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