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  1. i think the thief is can's best song lyrically, most of the others are completely random lyrics. radiohead did a cover of that song. really, the lyrics are the best i'v heard in a song. malcolm mooney's voice reveals the scars of a religiously paranoid schizophrenic madman, or something very close to it. "the thief was drawn to the cross to share that other's fate when the jesus man said not now, my brother not now it's far too late" you have to listen to it to feel the pain in his voice. i don't own any of can's records yet but all the songs i'v heard so far are amazing
  2. that is my music, i dont know if oyu already got someone though
  3. cut the guy some slack and stop acting like homophobic 6th graders. if you dont like the list stop reading it. dont get offended by the fact that someone may have a different opinion regarding radioheads catalogue of music. at least he is describing WHY he chooses these songs as opposed to just spitting out numbers. we all know that art cannot be graded, ultimately it is a matter of personal preferance.
  4. one thing you can be sure 100% sure of is that both sets of lyrics make absolutely no sense.
  5. who cares what a magizine says about anything. it's just whatever brings in the fans brings in the cash. RS is a pile of pretentious bullshit, along with all the rest. i can say Kid A is the best/worst album i'v ever heard, but nothing thatt i or anyone else says can negate from it's sound. the music will not change based on what anyone says about it, it still going to sound the same if a society of people thinks it sucks or is the best thing created. my point is top lists are for wankers.
  6. i used the best headphones i have. the album did not get any magical reverb effects in doing so, it still sounds like IR.
  7. i think IR is by far the most dry of any radiohead album and i thought hail to the thief had tons of space and rever. i dont hear much reverb on thoms vocals on IR except for house of cards, weird fishes, and nude. and perhaps reckoner. but other than that really the instruments are extremely dry and up close, especially the drums. it has a very plastic, polished sound.
  8. i hated the production of in rainbows at first. i thought it really damped down the energy presented in the live versions of the songs. the overall sound is so dry, but now i realize that's what makes the record beautifull. it's just got a very tender and frail sound to it. really feels like your "in rainbows". it's very pretty.
  9. for some reason i find it odd that a methodist church (or any church) would allow thom yorke to play there.
  10. i think thom is going to have a nervous breakdown like syd barrett had in pink floyd and colin greenwood is going to take full control of the band and write an album called "the mall". "all in all your just a-nother dick in the mall"
  11. thanks for postinf the lyrics. i just have one on suggestion: "When we realize we're also broken nothingness " for that line i hear "When we realize that once we're broken nothing matters" just my take. take care
  12. yeah the trickster is one of the best songs was hardly played live. jonny's guitar riff in the intro is sinister.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O3nNnKJ9sI you can download the album from the link on the vid which is animated PROMO for the album i made.
  14. Hey, well im new to this message board but not greenplastic. I'v been comming here for my radiohead news for a few years. Anyways, I have a video here fo some music i did accompanied by a little animation i made. There's a link in the video description box to the site that you can download the album from if you want. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O3nNnKJ9sI peace:colin:
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