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    Does anyone have any idea if the band will be touring next year?
  2. R80

    Dream setlist

    If i have to chose a setlist i would go for something like this: 1.Creep (Pablo Honey) 2.Let Down ( Ok computer) 3.Just (The bends) 4.These are my twisted words (-) 5.Idioteque (Kid A) 6.Climbing up the Walls (Ok computer) 7.Reckoner (In rainbows) 8.2+2=5 (Hail to thief) 9.Street spirit (The bends) 10.15 Step (In rainbows) 11.Optimistic (Kid A) 12.You and whose army (Amnesiac) 13.Weird fishes/arpeggi (In rainbows) 14.Fake plastic trees (The bends) 15.The gloaming (Hail to thief) 16.There there (Hail to the thief) 17.Videotape (In rainbows) 18.Exit music (Ok computer) --Encore 1-- 19.High and dry (The bends) 20.Jigsaw falling into place (In rainbows) 21.Pyramid Song (Amnesiac) --Encore 2-- 22.Paranoid Android (Ok computer) 23.The National Anthem (Kid A) 24.Karma Police (Ok computer) --Encore 3-- 25.How to dissapear Completely (Kid A) I think it contains to much singles, but hey you may dream ; )
  3. Setlist: 01 Creep 02 The National Anthem 03 15 Step 04 There There 05 All I Need 06 Nude 07 2+2=5 08 The Gloaming 09 Climbing Up The Walls 10 Street Spirit 11 Reckoner 12 Karma Police 13 Arpeggi 14 Just 15 Idioteque 16 Exit Music 17 Bodysnatchers Encore: 18 You And Whose Army? 19 Lucky 20 These Are My Twisted Words 21 Jigsaw Falling Into Place 22 Paranoid Android 23 Everything In Its Right Place
  4. Setlist so far: 01 Creep, 02 TNA, 03 15 Step, 04 There There, 05 All I Need, 06 Nude, 07 2+2=5, 08 The Gloaming
  5. Opener was creep and heres a twitter http://twitter.com/BBCreadingfest
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