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  1. I did some research and it turns out he was and so were a bunch of other rock stars in the 70's. Apparently though, it's totally okay to have sex with 12-14 year old girls because "they look older!" and "they wore makeup!" and "what man would possibly turn them down?"
  2. snap can i have ur qr code for tomodachi life?

    1. ♥♡♥


      i dont have it! : (

    2. Irene


      You don't have your 3DS?

  3. Apparently people you block from sending you PMs can still send you PMs, because I got one from someone I blocked from sending them.
  4. wow, that is so cool, really tempted to buy it..

  5. Being in not-Australia, we can watch TV shows as they air
  6. julia hope u had a good bornday http://i.imgur.com/cYoBRym.jpg

    1. atrophy


      irene you are my the fire in my cheeks. thank you!

  7. Something about this is hilarious to me
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