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    spam sites

    and yeah i report then when i see em cuz i know it helps thanks for your service mods
  2. this is hilarious had the same adventure time thought!!! where's Kyle
  3. doubt it... bf's store is doing it but I think the owner slept on the BTW single and didn't get it yeah I don't know exactly but I just heard the other day from my bf that the owner of his store signed up on a whim and was basically like oh yeah I guess we'll do it sure
  4. confused looking at the map I see one in Reykjavik i guess they updated the map with more later cuz idk what you're talking about
  5. "Radio Head" isn't the greatest song but I think it's a fine song that gets a bad rap for not living up to the band whose name it inspired, or most better known Talling Heads songs
  6. good lord you know you posted this literally 2 minutes after he posted above you
  7. mark ronson and fuckin phantom planet did a really weird take on the just video with their cover, which I hadn't seen till today terribly unsatisfying vocally more than anything
  8. yeah I far prefer the former but I defend anyone's right to love treefingers as much as I love hunting bears
  9. yeah just hearing a studio version after all this time was so beautifully surreal im gonna have a hard time considering the question objectively. also op shoulda made a poll maybe you didn't want to but you might still be able to add one if you edit the op
  10. that unsettled the crap out of me after the song kinda did nothing for me the whole way through, hope it'll grow on me, I loved btw instantly but I suppose that's not surprising
  11. yeah I put it on the other day first time in a long while when playing magic and idk if I'd say masterpiece but there really is no song id skip and even songs I've gone off of at times I was singing along to lyrics just aren't what I listen for in radiohead except as their aesthetics influence the melodic soundz. oh and I fuckin love 2+2, the one two punch of opening with there, there --> 2+2=5 at bonnaroo '06 was transcendental to me
  12. bless yr heart anyway I love this animation style hehe
  13. I saw my (neutered) cat's boner once when he was humping a stuffed animal
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