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  1. I'm with you. 1st time looking at this thread, DITNU sucks ass. Fog FTW.
  2. I initially thought the opening bit was: "you chump you chump you dazzle me chump" More likely though it's: "We jump We jump we dance and we jump" Then
  3. Just noticed they're all wearing In Rainbows T-shirts, cool.
  4. Heard them all in full earlier today. GUTG is my favourite as it's the only one that utilises Thom's voice. The other's are interesting and lively.
  5. Yeah I was playing on the fact that everyone knows that already, what with it being the title of the song and all. I apologize for the sarcasm.
  6. Wow, really? And the lyrics match up to the themes so well, almost as if it was written to the the exit music for the film. BTW, just watched the Beaver with Mel Gibson, which also uses Exit Music, but edits it quite heretically.Decent film, directed by Jodie Foster. And you can watch it guilt-free of your anti-Semitism because of frequent appearances by Jon Stewart.
  7. Honestly, I know I'll be slaughtered for this but of the remaining albums, I could live without OK Computer the most. It was my first RH love but I can't listen to it anymore. It makes me cringe. Maybe I've worn it out from over-listening but to me it has aged terribly.
  8. Really poor. Even if it was deliberately bad as some kind of joke, really poor. I vote The Bends
  9. Most likely some kind of Creep remix by some rapper/producer. Maybe even that Social Network version. Any other credits on it?
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