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  1. This is true. Good speakers are a start, but good headphones are much more different than I would have thought.
  2. I'm probably a bit late on this one. Seriously, though, from the intro to Airbag and all the way through, they make a world of difference. If you haven't ever done this, you should. If you have, you're entitled to mock me a little bit here.
  3. This is a hilariously bad article. I hear plenty of reasonable criticism (okay, most of it is "he's too whiney, I don't like this!" or people who feel they've suddenly become to mainstream), but this is pretty silly.
  4. I don't really like how it was done, but it seems like a neat idea. They really minimalize Thom's vocals, and though the melody towards the end sounds pretty cool, I think the execution could have been much better.
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