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  1. There was some pretty whacked out footage on there. The interview with Jonny is more an intermittent commentary. I thought it was actually pretty good. No fireworks, but still decent. I'm confused though... the DVD has been available on Amazon for a while, but it's only been released very recently?
  2. Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind Stone Roses - Second Coming Neil Young - Tonight's the Night Patti Smith - Easter PJ Harvey - Is This Desire and scattered Radiohead of course
  3. Actually, it's only above a certain basic income level that happiness ceases to correlate with money. When you think you might die within the week, yeah, that tends to cause unhappiness.
  4. Yeah, that was confusing -- it's actually the commentary with both Jonny and the director. There's barely any talking, but they comment at the beginning of each section.
  5. Rage is a pretty stellar live act though. I've got all their concert DVDs. But let's face it: totally different audience, totallty different method of communicating with 'em.
  6. Hello. I lurk no more. So now that we've got a sample of Jonny's solo work, it should be possible to figure out what how much of a contribution he's made to every Radiohead song after the Bends, right? Total tangent: I can't believe people don't use the horsie smilie more. :horsie:
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