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    I don't know, all piano ones are great (EIIRP, Pyramid Song, STTM, Videotape - from the basement v.)
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    James Blake, David Bazan, Bon Iver
  1. I don't know if this is a sin around these parts, but I posted this on atease and got some help, so I will repost it below. The guy behind citizen insane gave me a manager's e-mail address. Someone with contacts in the business saw my thread where I was talking about wanting to get in touch with the management, and he just sent me a pm... it was that simple. I guess I was lucky. If I would have had to go through w.a.s.t.e. nothing would have happened. I know because the woman in charge had already told me something along the lines of "sorry but they're too busy but thanks for your int
  2. Phil's snare comes in on the & of 1 and 3. A simple rock beat but shifted ahead by an eighth note... Mind-blowing. The double-stroke on the snare in the beginning is on 2 e and 4 e.
  3. I wrote an open letter to Radiohead and was wondering if DAS was the right place to post it? Take a look if you have a moment. http://www.radiohead.com/msgboard/dim.html?ID=342802235 Please let me know if you know of a better way to get in contact with the band/their licensing or publishing representatives. Oh and by the way, I've done a bunch of covers/tutorials/re-workings of songs (mostly Radiohead) recently if you want to check them out. I hope you like them. -w
  4. There are some amazing bits that didn't air: http://thekingoflimbspart2.com/2011/10/07/thom-yorke-ed-obrien-king-limbs-outakes/
  5. It was also the day I started my band as well as the day I made my first tutorial. A big day for me.
  6. I should do tutorials of you then!!!! My brain is flipped upside down!!! Think though, even if ricknixon is telling the truth, it doesn't take away the fact that RH are incredible performers or arrangers. At the time these songs were "written" and sold off to RH, there was no one playing Ondes Martenot and there were no ways of creating the crazy abstract and electronic sounds they eventually used. Think about it... this guy did not write Idioteque, nor did he produce 15 Step, and I highly doubt he had a bit of a hand in creating Pyramid Song or 2+2=5.
  7. To be their friend, like really their friend, someone they talk to and include in their awesome lives. If not that, then to ask me to come on tour with them (backstage, opening for them, on a bicycle, I don't care)... Next best thing.
  8. So it's been forever, but I wanted to share my updated thoughts on this mix... I realize the syncopation of the 2006 version is so well hidden that you can hear it either way and still appreciate it... but the crazy thing is you can see Jonny playing is as a syncopation (he's doing upstrums with the piano melody) so you know without a doubt RH planned it that way at first. But in the basement full band version, the syncopation seems to be gone completely, and the album version can go either way. Other examples of RH hiding their syncopation: Little By Little, The Butcher. This mix
  9. No, I just uploaded my own... something tells me our lame reps forgot or something. For those of you who weren't at the Mission District giveaway, these two ladies in charge of handing out the newspapers came super late and one of them even dropped a stack on the dirt/sidewalk. We found out they were paid through Filter Magazine, too! So unprofessional.
  10. Yeah good bumping into you again. Zack or Zach?
  11. My tutorials are not meant for lazy people!!! If you have the ability, WHY NOT challenge yourself?! You can only get better!
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