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  1. any chance of them adding more US and/or canada dates? I'm bummed they're not coming to the northwest
  2. I'm wondering if anyone here can help me. I'm looking for the Seattle version of this t shirt http://www.goodrock.com/p-5180-radiohead-roseland-shirt.aspx I didn't buy it at the show because I couldn't afford it at the time, and my girlfriend just told me that she wanted to buy it for me for Christmas but couldn't find it anywhere online. I tried googling it and looking on ebay with no luck. Thought I'd ask here if anyone had any suggestions.
  3. I was confused about that too. I called the key arena and they told me you just need to bring a photo ID and the credit card with which you purchased the tickets. I'm bringing those two things and the printout of the order confirmation which should be good. Although it is odd that it said they would mail them...
  4. I have GA tickets to the Seattle show. I'll be driving around 4 hours to get there, and I want to be somewhat close to the front. I don't need to be front row, but I do want to take advantage of my extreme luck in scoring GA tickets. How early should I arrive to the venue before the gates open to ensure a good view of the show?
  5. I scored GA tickets to the seattle show! fuck yeah!
  6. so, just to be clear, http://www.waste-central.com/events ^that is the page that I want to be constantly refreshing?
  7. forgive my ignorance, but what exactly are the WASTE tickets? Is it on WASTE-central.com? On the tour section, where it currently says no upcoming events?
  8. my thought was that the tour blooms in glastonbury, i.e. begins. maybe reading into things, but I don't think it's any more farfetched than your idea
  9. forgive my ignorance, but what does Clive Deamer have to do with Portishead? He is nowhere to be found on their wikipedia article.
  10. I was more wondering how long before the actual tour dates do they announce them? Like if they announced tomorrow, would the tour likely start in August? November? Also, I think that tickets sell out pretty quickly. During the 08 tour I bought my tickets the day they went on sale, and the general admission tickets were already sold out so I had to sit up in the seats above the pit.
  11. Does anyone know how far in advance they usually announce a tour before the actual dates? I'll be out of the U.S. until mid-November, if they come here while I'm abroad I'll be so sad
  12. You kidding? That bass line in separator is so groovy. The way the guitars come in at 2:30 with that super awesome lick, the way it builds to a climax...It makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Mouse Dog Bird is good. Separator is better.
  13. I've been following this thread off and on since its inception, and I've had at least three dreams about the release of new material. It sucks when I wake up and check DAS and realize it's not happening. Oh well, I'm not getting my hopes up or down, I love TKOL but still feel like something else is coming.
  14. Haha I draw the same analogy. It's fun to indulge in McDonalds every once in a while, but it's nowhere near as rewarding as a real meal and you hate yourself afterward.
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