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  1. I dunno I think the IMBR versions of I Might Be Wrong, Dollars and Cents, and Morning Bell completely destroy their studio counterparts. Especially Morning Bell, that live version's one of my favorite Radiohead tracks ever. The National Anthem definitely loses something without the brass, though.
  2. Whoa I could've sworn Gagging Order was an Amnesiac b-side... anyways Cuttooth Fast-Track Trans-Atlantic Drawl The Amazing Sounds of Orgy Worrywort Kinetic Fog
  3. Hope this is good Thought Born This Way kinda sucked tbh new Madvillain trax didn't do anything for me either
  4. I always mistakingly sing it as "I am such a tease and you are such a slut"
  5. I don't wanna be your friend I just wanna be your lover
  6. Somebody once described Pitchfork to me as "a bunch of friends writing about the music they listened to," which is something I think we all like to do, so it kinda prevents me from being too hard on them. That being said I don't think they have one very good writer on the staff.
  7. I think the last thing they want to do is instigate a backlash, in fact you could pretty much tell they were kinda nervous about this.
  8. why do people even give a shit about the presence of guitars.
  9. That was a pretty shitty review. As for "one of a kind," I can google pictures of ghosts and flowers too, bro.
  10. 1. Little by Little 2. Separator 3. Morning Mr Magpie (this isn't supposed to have a period, is it?) 4. Lotus Flower 5. Codex 6. Giving Up the Ghost 7. Bloom 8. Feral
  11. I actually think Bloom and Lotus Flower sound pretty much Thomish. Everything else though definitely strikes me as a full band effort.
  12. Feel like a better representative for In Rainbows' immediacy and accessibility would be a clear, warm bath you can see right through
  13. So glad "attitude" is one of the words being thrown around when it comes to Mr Magpie, Thom's swagger is on nine thousand degrees
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