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  1. i cant choose its either lik SPinning Plates or How I Made My Millions
  2. i think Last Flowers and How I Made My Millions shoud have gotten higher on the list...
  3. thanks i love pearl jam
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMQAvxx9r3I there
  5. i use apophysis its a free program to download...
  6. yeah i use tissue in the faded ones i also like to do fractals also
  7. an interest in anthro artwork basicly i dont take it too far... and i never wish to go to the conventions
  8. i actually have 5 sketch books full of drawings i just dont have the time to scan them all and put them on deviant art... and thanks for the commments
  9. dude i dont even have a sex life... and i dont like the fact that you stereotype furrys... im 14? how could i have fucked anyone yet? and i dont even own a costume dumbass
  10. Creep, Last Flowers, and Been Thinking About You Creep is a really good description of myself sometimes xD
  11. uh... Hi im 14 and from texas... im bisexual and i draw alot (probably way too much) and i enjoy painting and playing piano and acoustic guitar... i am a furry (no hating on me please ) and i am not easily pissed off...
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