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  1. have you read e e cummings?
  2. to be honest i entered this thread and immediately voted for mooks without reading anything because i still prefer his version of common people to any other version that i will have ever heard by the time i die.
  3. may i ask where you recorded this album?
  4. i like it more than the original. gettin gay in here
  5. i reckon i'd think lots of things are better than kid a too if i had listened to them non stop for a year
  6. i always meant to tell you that your cover of common people is the best version i've ever heard
  7. i think one has a castle something and the other has a little man dancing or running or something on the cover, might be lightning striking, i can't recall. they were sent via mail!
  8. i have two mindwater albums. am i missing any?
  9. i bought a new interface and will finish an album of drone stuff using bass tracks sent from a friend teaching english in china. i'll call it tax season
  10. bearpicture


    i've seen you play a coupla times at the sound pony and i heard you're playing the summerfest river thing which will be all too gnarly. because your singer. he gets rowdy
  11. man yr shit ain't downloadin give it to me edit: nvm here it comes
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