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  1. bearpicture

    NBA 14/15

    is this a serious post, box?
  2. nobody where i live in mainland china has a clue what any of this is
  3. hard to argue that professional sports aren't a legitimate tool for distraction from real issues in the us, though.
  4. the culture surrounding plenty of things is a turnoff, but it's okay to like those things! examples of myself include boxing, paintball, american football, binge drinking, and the deftones. everything else i like has a culture that I find agreeable.
  5. mt was my first successful attempt at getting through the annual Tienanmen firewall bolster. that's pretty current right
  6. bearpicture

    NBA 13/14

    rank of remaining good guy vets not on my team that i want to win a ring before they're out 1. david west 2. nick collison 3. Jason Collins 4. Earl Watson 5. Rasual Butler
  7. bearpicture

    NBA 13/14

    also, as a lakers fan, it's in my bastardized fanatic reasoning to be glad that the pacers are playing shit roundball when it counts. teamwork? losers.
  8. bearpicture

    NBA 13/14

    and number two: i haven't watched EVERY nba game being over here but deandre jordan is no afterthought to paul and griffin. paul maybe yeah in like ten years but jordan's mr. fantastic hussle play gives blake the breathing room to be an offensive force. I COULD BE WRONG BUT I DID WIN MY FANTASY LEAGUE SO
  9. bearpicture

    NBA 13/14

    i think an mvp laden durant v. lebron finals is getting underrated at this point.
  10. korea's got their shit a hundred times more together than china, where wacky, totally-avoidable catastrophes happen every five minutes. this is a pretty panicked side of the world in general so public transport takes lives daily. real madcap stuff.
  11. the new fennesz album is black sea and endless summer trying to start a band together.
  12. bearpicture

    NBA 13/14

    i haven't tried cricket but i'm pretty sure basketball is the best bar television
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