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  1. Hi! I'm mostly interested in the artbook for this one. And Big Boots, obviously, if it's a full song. I'm getting sick of Aedan playing the clip from Meeting People is Easy on repeat, lel.
  2. Blocked in the US on copyright grounds, apparently. Thanks though.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't, but if any of you wonderful people happen to know where I can find it, I'd be much obliged!
  4. Yeah, and Interpol sucks, so lol Now that Ed's hair is like that, I don't like him. Maybe that's his ultimate goal.
  5. This guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqe267GfdO0 He may have stolen your artwork, renamed it (really badly, I might add), and attempted to sell it as his own for hundreds of dollars. Exhibit A Exhibit B (screenshots from the now defunct website) Luckily, I have yet to find any of my work in here, but there are over 500 pages of screenshots to look through. I'm thinking I'll mostly be safe since I deleted my deviantART account a while ago. But there you have it...I suggest you look through it yourselves just in case.
  6. It used to, but for some reason Jonathan decided to get rid of it.
  7. Why change the old one? Especially to that?
  8. I'm pretty sure that option doesn't exist. You could ask a mod to ban you, though I don't think they really like doing that, or just stop using the account.
  9. Sorry, I'll add 30 more layers to it just for you, how's that?
  10. I'm taking up drawing/Photoshop painting again after an over-long hiatus, and really wishing I had a tablet. Anyway, a preview of a WIP bit of Mass Effect fanart: Also, jesus Hannah...so jealous of your talent.
  11. Whenever you leave the User Title field blank, in my experience anyway, a Radiohead song title relative to your post count (I think) gets put in.
  12. FUCKING SIGNED X Andrea (andilee2112, Morrigan)
  13. To be honest, I probably would have voted for Hannah's if it wasn't so painful to listen to. Hope neither of you take that the wrong way.
  14. Hm...this is a tougher one. (I'm making a post here so I remember to come back to this.)
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