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  1. Fitter Happier is a great opener, don't you think? You did yours chronological. Hmmm...
  2. Not necessarily your favorite song from each album, but 8 songs that fit well together. Maybe a quiet album? Or a kick ass one? I bet this thread has never been done before. Anyway.... Fitter Happier / Scatterbrain / Creep / Kid A / Pyramid Song / Give Up The Ghost / Nice Dream / Reckoner
  3. Good thread. Sometimes I think they are just a bit "too clever". The fuckin Thom + Johnny show with the marching band for 15 Step actually pissed me off, hahaha....and I think Johnny on a shitty little drum kit bugs me too. 3 percussionists? I don't know....
  4. See you guys when LP9 is announced!!
  5. So....er.....this GRT thread is about what exactly? (I have a feeling that it signals the beginning of the post TKOL slump.)
  6. OK I'll bite: Somebody please explain this thread.
  7. I still agree with this. And the fact that this is definitely not universally accepted is even cooler! It's their tidyest, smoothest, most frustratingly quantifiable album ever. It's a conundrum. Lotus Flower flows (??) into muthafuckin Codex. That's fucked up, but it works somehow. Some call it Amnesiac Light/Minor. Fuck that shit. TKOL wrestles Amnesiac into submission. 8 songs was a brilliant touch.
  8. I see the most ardent RH fans defending this vid here, "it's so sensual" etc. Guys, it's fucking embarrassing. It's a fucking joke. Maybe we got off topic a bit though.
  9. I won't deny that I thought about this when making this thread, but I've already been crucified on other threads for seeing nothing but lulz here. (To summarize: I adore TKOL, but this vid is a fucking joke, hahaha...)
  10. Yeah, I'll restate that I agree with all that was written by Radiofire above except for the very first line! I accept that maybe I have utterly failed here.
  11. Perhaps I did not make myself clear the first time. SHOW ME THE FUN.
  12. I was thinking about TKOL again today, and how many are saying that they were just having some fun while doing it, and I realized that I dont see a big sense of haha in any RH recordings, unlike Dylan or Beatles. This is not a criticism, nor is it meant to be yet another "RH is dour" thread. But seriously, where is the fun? What lyrics are obvious jokes or lightheartedness. Which songs are comic relief?
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