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  1. my school can be essentially split into three sections: chavs and gypos emo/goth/scene kids normal people
  2. Pablo Honey: Favorite Track: blow out Least Favorite Track: how do you The Bends: Favorite Track:street spirit Least Favorite Track: bones OK Computer: Favorite Track: paranoid android Least Favorite Track: fitter happier Kid A: Favorite Track: how to dissapear completely Least Favorite Track: ehh.......fuck. treefingers, although i do love it. Amnesiac Favorite Track: pyramid song Least Favorite Track: hunting bears Hail To The Thief Favorite Track: there there Least Favorite Track: backdrifts
  3. Nikon D50 is pretty awesome IMO. If you're on about digital SLR anyhow. It's been discontinued though, but it's way better than the D40 replacement. It's a good starter camera anyway. 6mp, doesnt sound that much, but it's pretty good. The lens is a bit plasticky (but still great for the price), but you can always replace it with your own.
  4. yeah and the music is actually stored in the grooves in the wood so you have to mod your record player for it
  5. it doesnt matter how you arrange the letters in a word, as long as the first and last letters stay the same - because you read the word as a whole, rather than based on the order of the letters. yeah.
  6. Well, it depends what you want to do, and how much detail/technical control you want. Ultimately, you need to decide on whether you want a simple point-and-click, or a digital SLR. It'd be a good idea to mess around with a 35mm first perhaps, or read up on some articles (like on wiki) to get an idea of the various camera controls such as Aperture (f-stops) and Shutter Speed as well as light meters and ISO settings. While you can get decent photographs using automatic controls, you really need to use manual to be able to capture the images which you want, as good as you can get. I'd reccomend getting a digital SLR. They're slightly more expensive, but a lot better for your money if you are serious about getting into photography, and dont have the restrictions that a point and click camera would have (for example, you have unlimited manual control, as well as easy to use focus controls whereas on a point-and-click you usually have to go onto the menu and mess with buttons for ages to just change the focus, and you can use whatever lens and/or filter you want, as long as it has the right fitting). I'd personally reccomend the Nikon D50. It's been discontinued, but it's still widely available on Ebay and the like for great prices (I got mine second hand for £200). It's probably one of the best cameras I've used, and is great for a beginner. If you want to keep things simple at first, keep it on automatic, and if you want to get involved with the more technical settings, then set it to manual. However, if that's too pricey, a decent standard digital camera should be fine. There's a fairly good Kodak one I have around somewhere that takes great images, but I cant remember the model number. I'll find it out later.
  7. yeah and the rest of the sound effects are ripped straight from Goldeneye 007
  8. It's water. But the beer was real. And yeah, if you meant the sound effects make you feel sick, then that's actually a sound recording of my cat drinking from her bowl.
  9. i'm going to count which of my friends like radiohead: chloe (absolutely fucking obssessed with them - wears a Kid A shirt to college, and has badges on her bag) becky (likes ok computer/httt) jake (loves amnesiac and kid a) james (same as jake) my film production teacher (one lesson he made us all watch Meeting People is Easy for research purposes, and he constantly plays OK Computer during lessons) thats all I can think of right now, but I know for a fact theres loads more of people I know who like radiohead
  10. uhh, it's an homage to abstract film-maker Jan Svankmajer, who used surreal situations, exaggerated sound effects and in his 1960-1970 works, high contrast black and white footage. And considering I havent seen Requiem before, how could it be a rip off of that?
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