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    fuck, you're kidding - right?
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    radiohead since pablo honey. also: pixies nirvana gorillaz melvins blur tricky talk talk .. ya i'm out of date, it happens
  1. i love it more every day - it's getting scary
  2. yeah so.. waste rescinded my (and two friends) pool circle tix so i'm back to begging. sigh :'(
  3. thank you world :') ahhh ok so who wants to buy my terrace ticket? (I also have an extra for London night 1 and 2)
  4. I know, hopeless right? sigh. oh well doesn't hurt to ask thanks darlin'
  5. 9 amok JJE (?) mostly 'cause it kinda doesn't fit as well. I would love s.a.d. in there instead AMOK though i do love the eraser Radiohead um... studio? wow I am so in love with this album right now. at this point here are the ordinals: amok reverse running unless stuck together dropped very eyes ingenue JJE i would probably put s.a.d. after unless and eyeballs after dropped. approximately
  6. I love this album to pieces. I might even love it more than TKOL* .. and I adore tkol. * trigger warning: RH blasphemy
  7. also my terrace back row ticket and my extra London ticket - tiny 5000 seat venue - admittedly the commute's a bitch but hey!
  8. EDIT: sorry this was badly done. ok i know it's a very long shot but I am looking for a pool circle ticket for Hollywood Bowl October 16. I have a terrace back row - not terrible but not .. not what my heart desires if ya know what I mean. If anyone has an extra they would sell PICK MEEEEE!!! I will give you a painting .. and money and stuff plus my first born and my eternal gratitude lmk xxxx
  9. I have an extra for the 24th and I'm short one for the 26th.... anyone?
  10. I have one but I'm pretty sure there's no way to transfer it - bought it from ticket trust the day before they went down in a fit of insanity
  11. absolutely no worries listened to it 20 or so times last night on the stereo LOUD and OMFG it's just so hot
  12. god I am so in love with this thing right now (and thanks irene :* )
  13. I love it too, many listens in and it's highly addictive. We cobbled together some lyrics if anyone's interested: it slipped my mind and for a time I felt completely free avoided trouble sent a double a pawn into a queen I laugh now but later it’s not so easy I gotta stop the will is strong but the flesh is weak guess that’s it I’ve made my bed and i lie in it I’m still hanging on but upon the way I fall between the waves I avoid your gaze I turn outta phase a pawn into a queen I laugh now but later’s not so easy I gotta stop the will is strong but the flesh is weak g
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