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  1. probs should have elaborated more. listen to the lyrics at 2:10-2:26 ): also a lack of proper equipment and place to record makes it hard. baaawwwwww
  2. i guess i can only get my jollies with a different girl now. sorry baby ):
  3. i don't record anymore ): only have the desire to play live these days
  4. wolf at the door. if im in the right mood that song kills me
  5. it's bin playing for close to 23 minutes now <3 actually extremely catchy y
  6. guh, for a second i thought "wow was mortigi erased, and now starting fresh n new wif a dif format, are all the posts gone forever!?! please god let it be so" but that'll never happen :/ but yeah, i liked this name so much i decided to bring it over unto toobored!! i feel like with this name, i could immerse myself with full attention into every facet of my cyber life and post regularly again!
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