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  1. Here is the quote: "Sure, Radiohead's morose ballad 'I Want None Of It' is dark and brooding, like the best moments from 'Hail To The Thief'" I don't think they're really implying it was written during "Hail to the Thief" though it wouldn't be wrong for rh to have used a previously written song as long as they did record it on that particular day. I think what NME is saying is that IWNOI is similar in mood to some of the songs in HTTT. That's it. it could be a coincidence. It may be that it was picked for the warchild album because a 'happy' song would be inappropriate. edit: i see so
  2. I say Arpeggi, hands down, the most romantic song ever by Radiohead. or anyone else. "I'd be crazy not to follow, follow where you lead" and "I will follow you to the edge of the earth and fall off" "Your eyes, they turn me" - how much more powerful can you get? And the music is so beautiful it just transports you. House of Cards is the best shagging song. It's just so hot.
  3. yes, please please upload the south park gig. that has to have been the best one ever
  4. I think a lot of it was taken out of context. The Big Ask has edited the interview and made four videos out of it. Sure, Thom is probably uncomfortable being interviewed but I think he came across as knowledgeable and honest. I don't see anything wrong with what he said. And when he admitted he doesn't do much about the issue personally, he was probably making a point about that. How many of us in the UK worry about recycling? I can't even get a trash can delivered for my waste. The greatest impact and harm is that by the big corporations. That is what needs to be addressed and only government
  5. a full version hasn't been released. someone might have one but it hasn't been uploaded on any message board as far as i know. the first version released didn't have the ending. the trade justice movement version has the mid part edited out.
  6. yeah, that's kinda weird after thom said they'd be back in the studio in two weeks. i wonder if thom has another bout of writer's block, or if they haven't decided which direction lp7 is to take. also, was thom the only one who did "i want none of this"? backing vocals seemed to be him only, but i might be wrong. or maybe they just have family things to take care of and since they are not under contract they have decided to take their time. ?
  7. .. and the cutest but they're all great!
  8. You can keep what you want I want none of it They're just bad memories I don't want Am I sunshine (or and my sunshine) You can pack it all up And be gone And be gone If it matters to you You can sell it all out If the price feels right I won't judge If you get off your knees You'll be out on a breeze Take a lesson from me Don't get stuck on a dream
  9. people are generally very willing to share their music files. in this case, however, every download done throught the warchildmusic.com site makes a big difference. especially since so many people who download the track are sharing it with others, it defeats the purpose of this album. just be patient and wait for the cd release. the bands and musicians were willing to spend a lot of time writing and rehearsing these songs because they believe in this project. don't let them down by asking for a free download. really, it could make a big difference so be a big person and believe that this can c
  10. fifty times so far and it keeps getting better
  11. thom is a musician, not a freak show. how would you like it if you were constantly interrupted and harrassed by people just because you make good music? i don't believe anyone has the right to go ringing his doorbell and i am shocked that people in oxford are telling toourists where thom lives. he has a right to privacy when he is not performing. i live in oxford and i know he constantly gets harrassed by tourists and even people who live here. they take photos of him when he is out on the streets and that is not right. eventually he will get fed up and decide that it is not worth it. and when
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