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  1. Thinking of parade routes for when the boys catch this W
  2. Literally this dame almost says “I’m a creep I’m a weirdo” in the fucking track I’m pretty sure they had to do twenty takes because she kept singing that shit. Instead of manifesto she probably said “my modern weridooooooo” on the 21st take. Fucking awful track too. She went through all of the radiohead tracks she was thinking of plagerizing and landed on a Pablo Honey track? bruh. She should lose her fortune just for that. She’ll go back to H&M after this, behind the cash register to be exact. It’s over for you, Lame-a, sorry.
  3. Radiohead is getting back at Lana Del Trash for doing H&M adverts. Profiting off pimping fast fashion? Just disgusting. Dem boys are gonna take that cash and save a thousand miles of rainforest or some shit. Just like the Israel thing. They saw citizens supporting an imperialist regime and they said “these guys need to hear 2+2=5 ASAP”
  4. Yeah playing in Israel is dumb. They played there cause Jonny Greenwood has family in Israel and everything they said after was super misguided justification to not call out Jonny. Dumb but oh well.
  5. Thom shouldn't have said anything he made himself look like a huge dick when we know the real reason the concert is being played ✡️
  6. I hope radiohead plays a NEW SONG tomorrow to prove a point I don't know what that would be but I want to hear new spngsb
  7. EIIRP 15 Step Airbag Planet Telex Bloom Packt Burn the witch You 2+2=5
  8. Bloom last? Ok dis casual
  9. How does big boots sound like 90s thom Plus we know the strings are new You on some crack
  10. I think all three of these songs are good to great though!
  11. Kind of bummed the vocals are new though. At least release the old version anyway
  12. Yeah that album definitely needed more songs >_>
  13. Don't get me wrong I think his rant was legit hilarious even though I disagree vehemently
  14. I mean it's pretty easy to be like Radiohead rules Radiohead rules Radiohead rules Aw man why are they playing a concert in Israel that's lame Radiohead rules Radiohead rules That's my plan anyway. I don't think they're bad people I just think they could have navigated this better.
  15. Melatonin rules you fuxkin dumshyts
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