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  1. I thought it botched every thematic element despite being insanely ham fisted, poorly mimicked coens and taratino with none of the nuance and genius of the former or the entertainment value of the latter, not a single laugh, brutal scenes like when she hitchslaps the priest or when the ex husbands young girlfriend provides comic relief during a violent strangling. The use of slurs seems so unnatural and lame its uncomfortable Total incoherent mess, cant think of anything I liked about it and I definitely cant comprehend what it was supposed to mean. Dude seems like someone who only has experienced america from when he watched pulp fiction at 14 I think in bruges is fun tho
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  4. Thinking of parade routes for when the boys catch this W
  5. Literally this dame almost says “I’m a creep I’m a weirdo” in the fucking track I’m pretty sure they had to do twenty takes because she kept singing that shit. Instead of manifesto she probably said “my modern weridooooooo” on the 21st take. Fucking awful track too. She went through all of the radiohead tracks she was thinking of plagerizing and landed on a Pablo Honey track? bruh. She should lose her fortune just for that. She’ll go back to H&M after this, behind the cash register to be exact. It’s over for you, Lame-a, sorry.
  6. Radiohead is getting back at Lana Del Trash for doing H&M adverts. Profiting off pimping fast fashion? Just disgusting. Dem boys are gonna take that cash and save a thousand miles of rainforest or some shit. Just like the Israel thing. They saw citizens supporting an imperialist regime and they said “these guys need to hear 2+2=5 ASAP”
  7. @pitol Thanks for a good post. I didn’t mean to say it was the only blockbuster film that has an interesting relationship with its audience, just that it is the most interesting in a while. It addresses that relationship directly within the film with open discussion about the weight of Star Wars/pop culture institutions in general between the characters, and it is uneasy rather than pandering like TFA (which I like enough because it’s well executed). It’s definitely post modern, yeah. On the surface level it is cycling through a lot of the iconography/characters, but at almost every turn it is discussing the meaning of these icons and familiar interactions directly or through subversion. If you see Rey as the fanboy surrogate, Luke and Kylo as different sides of the impulse of the filmmaker dealing with these weighty expectations and iconography, the film is far more interesting thematically than all or most recent blockbuster films or shows or whatever other vessel of fandom delivery service exists. Especially since it addressing the purpose of that delivery. The Poe/Finn/Rose stuff is a lot messier and deals with the narratives established within the franchise in a admirable but sloppy way, but the real meat to me is the main protagonists/antagonists delivering an extremely self aware reflection on the purpose of rebooting and reusing and the burden of making these pop culture institutions belong to a new generation in a meaningful way. I probably repeated myself a lot, sorry. It’s definitely not a masterpiece or anything but I honestly appreciate it in all of its sloppy, good-not-great execution for taking the time to pause and reflect upon its own existence rather than just some “cool story” which, considering how Force Awakens almost demands a recycling of the same shit, would no doubt be torn apart as an another bit of nostalgia or fanservice that doesn’t ask any hard questions. I don’t think there’s anything deliberately commercial (other than making a fun family film) or cynical about Johnson’s impulse in this, and not only because he seems like a total sweetie pie, I think he is more interested in what this movie meant to him and fans and pop culture rather than how he can win people over by doing a bunch of cool shit. I also liked the frog nuns.
  8. I thought Snoke meant shitting on the idea of lore and fan expectations and recycling narratives from previous films. Past = die It would be stupid as hell to bring him up ever again. And the idea that’s Rey’s parents are actually super important and it’s all a big lie is maybe the stupidest thing I’ve seen around this movie. It isn’t just subversive, that choice is fundemental to the movies themes in both character dynamics and on a meta level. This whole movie is a big Rorschach test for fandom because it makes people question how much of their fandom is nostalgic baggage or headcanon expectations. That’s probably why so many people are walking out of it feeling deflated or angry, because it puts nerdom through a ringer. It’s messy from a storytelling element and its fine if you absorb what it’s trying to say and still don’t like it anyway, I think it’s just pretty good, but the idea that people are walking out of this like “ok but rey is Obi wans granddaughter!” or “oh my god that movie was so disney!!! I miss George!” is bizzare to me. The fact that the movie is getting the reaction it is means it’s at least partially successful thematically, which is nothing to say about whether you found it boring or bad anyway
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