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  1. That wasn't directed at you actually... I should remember to use the quote button. :$
  2. Sore hips? You been having lots of rough sex? My hips only get sore sometimes and it's just from hitting them into stuff :<
  3. I just thought it was funny - I was on Twitter looking at a trending topic and I saw a weird looking user picture, so I clicked on it, and then that picture was the background, so I looked at the background, and then I went back to look at her twitter and apparently she's a professional model and a single mother of two. If my mother had published such photos of herself online I'd kill myself out of shame, so I feel bad for her kids : [
  4. Oh it is, Nikki. It is.
  5. I think it depends, I vaguely remember seeing other girls buying both long and short dresses around that time frame.
  6. Err, I don't know what counts as fancy bread. I get this.
  7. My bread doesn't come with a twistie tie...
  8. How is that a spoiler, unless it literally happens in the movie? The premise of the plot itself is a serious bastardization of the original novel and Through the Looking-Glass.
  9. I have decided to start a photoblog today
  10. aaaaaaaa sorry i didn't see this before you really wanna see?
  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he also has just and creep and rabbit in your headlights on his blog >_<
  12. It would be... if I had... the guts... to actually... say anything to him ever... instead of just sitting next to him every class : (
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