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  1. already mentioned it silly rocktober second yeah i've had her for nearly eleven years but we are having her put down soon. best dog ever. sort of share a cat but that dude's turned feral and we've p much let him become his own man. blue any of the original. tropical starbursts seem redundant edit: totally the orange kind, where was my head at? one younger brother that doesn't know what's up you'd think i'd be the blue ranger but he's not the 'cool' brainy type like donatello, he's just whiny. gotta default to the black ranger; drives a mastodon and teaches dance-karate.
  2. no wait uncle phil made earl sinclair. this calls for a clean break tomorrow.
  3. when i was still grounded i let slip that my name is ben, which is right around the time someone registered as Ben., so then it was like finding posts i made years ago whenever he did anything. as long as there is uncle phil there must be carl winslow. srry carl.
  4. we should dedicate a room in the house to one of his pieces.
  5. the string of songs starting with up north trip is like way too good
  6. i figured some reaction from penny
  8. you look like you can take a punch or five
  9. the controls are great and your instances with ali sound pretty shitty but i didn't have that problem with him or any other fighter. i think people wanted another masterstroke like FN3 turned out to be and are upset over the controls.
  10. this has been the preview for the past decade
  11. jimmy i don't know what game you're playing but this one is pretty goddamn amazing.
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