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  1. I always liked it live but agree the studio version is the best. I wonder if that’s why they never played it live since, but have they played any Disc 2 songs live since?
  2. Studio Bangers is one of the weirdest things they’ve done, kind of in a good way and in a bad way. It doesn’t really sound like anything that anyone has ever done (that I’ve heard anyways) but it didn’t really capture the energy of the live version, which is not generally a problem that Radiohead have
  3. This has been my favorite album pretty much since it came out and I imagine it always will be, although I’d love to be wrong about that 15 Step - 10 Bodysnatchers - 10 Nude - 10 Arpeggi - 10 All I Need - 9 Faust Arp - 8 Reckoner - 100 House of Cards - 9 Jigsaw - 9 Videotape - 9 Can’t really rank best to worst aside from that as any of the equally ranked songs are my favorite in that tier when I’m listening to them
  4. So, basically, they submitted two of the all-time best Bond songs and neither of them got used *suicides*
  5. Finally listening to the vinyl version of this and looking at all the books in the box set. It’s pretty great but you get the sense, looking at all his scribblings, that Thom was in mad genius mode at the time
  6. somehow I missed this when it happened but this is a tremendous set list
  7. hope we get an IR-era recording of Daily Mail when IRNOTIR comes out in 10 years
  8. Finally listened to the tape today. The MPS hype is pretty much justified - awesome performance that gave me a new appreciation for the song. I miss the added instrumentation but I think I like it more than the Kid A version The other bits are all interesting, mostly in a "this is how Radiohead works" kind of way. The best examples being Nude and The National Anthem, which are just astoundingly inferior to the final versions. I'm disappointed by the live Man of War track, which is basically the same version as what we finally got on the "album" version - it doesn't add much Lots of tal
  9. yeah the albums have totally different vibes... there's a really good reason it's not a double album they should've left off MB/A, though, to avoid the "leftovers" accusation
  10. yeah, the authority has spoken doc, you best go have a shower so you can clean all the shame off
  11. So I haven't listened to the tape yet but the box set is a thing of beauty. I like that the album portion is in the same book format as AMSP, and the notebooks are pretty special. Looking forward to spending some time with it all
  12. My opener order was different but those top three are basically all my favorite whenever I am listening to them
  13. Actually I'm surprised it's not topping more lists, maybe it's too new
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