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  1. Being Radiohead though its likely that they've far progressed from anything resembling this 2006 version, could sound like anything now.
  2. I'm hoping for 2 slippery, brand new baby songs. But I don't want them to lose any of the energy they had live, especially The Daily Mail (that build up!), so somewhere in between the live and them sprinkling some of that magic Radiohead studio fairy dust on them would be greatttttttt
  3. title: Goose Chase 1. Breadcrumbs (32.31) 2. Careless Whisper (Chieftan Mews remix) (0.30)
  4. Upon reflection your probably right, okay, i'll edit this really probable fantasy in that the wrapping paper is now edible and tastes of milk and cookies and Thom now paints the album cover on your living room wall with twigs and mud. I think now with these alterations we really must have hit the nail on the head.
  5. speculation: Thom will adopt the role of santa this year to give the old chap a well deserved break, and lovingly place a brand new album under each of our christmas trees. The wrapping paper will be the album cover, so don't be so quick to recycle there folks. As he speeds off in the one horse open sleigh, the jingle bells will jingle in 5/4. yip.
  6. They should be recording in every waking hour, their not allowed to have whimsical fun popping up at festivals or running around the county dressed as John McEnroe. Not at this stage in the recording proceedings man. There are rules man! I think I'm a bit jealous I wasn't there.
  7. 'I am the pip in the ass' as opposed to 'I am the pick in the ice' and now its lodged in my head that way like a verbal pickaxe.
  8. Well that's a breath of fresh air...... I have this vague memory of Thom Yorke being in a some hip, young band, their name escapes me for the moment.
  9. ...someone say something too silent for my liking. or could this silence mean something spectacular is being secretly sculpted? it's a double edged sword, but i'd rather be cut by one side than the other.
  10. "Tabloid Thom"; the environmentally friendly vigilante crime fighter for all the family. well, i say crime, more like lowering carbon emissions one light bulb at a time and playing benefit gigs. Still, he could wear a cape.
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