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  1. No none of the songs that were officially released. Thom officially released 4 new songs and Radiohead released 2. So I guess that there really was only 5 new live songs last year.
  2. Hey I was wondering if anyone had a list of all the new songs radiohead or Thom Yorke solo played live last year. I know he debuted four new songs with his new band: Open the Floodgates, Lotus Flower, Skirting on the Surface Judge, Jury, Executioner. and he debuted The Present Tense earlier in the year but I know there were at least two or 3 more songs. Thanks. PS: Or Maybe any songs they played live post In Rainbows. Because one of the songs im thinking about is Super Collider.
  3. Dollars and cents is horrible. Not even in the top 8 Amnesiac songs.
  4. I just realized the longer original version blows away Romeo and juliet.
  5. Why does it seem people don't appreciate this song. Whenever I see a list of top 100 songs of Radiohead its always in the 40's behind stuff like Dollars and cents and all i need. I think it is top 3 on the bends and one of radioheads best songs. Opinions?
  6. Pitchfork named All I need the 20th best song of 2007 without mentioning songs like Reckoner or Jigsaw. That had to be more than 1 persons opinion with making that decision.
  7. Full length version of Life in a Glass House is better than the orginal. Its bside to Knives out. Who agrees?
  8. Does anybody else really like the grammys 15 step over the original with all the electronics. I prefer the marching band.
  9. Im the only one who likes the new version of Videotape
  10. Could someone post a good live version of The Gloaming if you have it. Thx guys. Chunky
  11. Heres all the songs I found http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L2KZ9GB7
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