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  1. shit i was hoping it was finally dead
  2. well since all the band seems intent on doing nowadays is to be assholes it's not that weird is it
  3. between this and israel radiohead are really not looking good atm
  4. i think the way videotape closes out an album where virtually every other song has a linear structure and a climax with a claustrophobic anticlimax is one of the coolest things radiohead have ever done
  5. people listing bodysnatchers over videotape are insane
  6. this whole spiel about PC culture is ass too tho
  7. this is not about anyone taking offense, it's about bad drooly posts about boobs
  8. well maybe we should have a thread where funnyHAHA waxes poetic about women so at least it's not off topic
  9. like the problem isn't that it's not "pc" (lol) , it's just really embarrassing
  10. drooling over tits like you're 13 is maybe not my preferred way of showing appreciation towards women
  11. you planet telex no surprises idioteque packt there there reckoner none true love waits
  12. if anything i guess you could say radiohead molested their own song
  13. yeah listening to IR now i pretty much always skip reckoner, dunno what they were thinking there really fucking the fans over too, people had been waiting on that for ages. disrespectful imo
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