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  1. thank u~ that wedding took place in a graveyard
  2. i've got a rinkydinkish nikon intro model and i mostly shoot on assignment for the paper i work at but sometimes i like my stuff for what it is. here're a couple
  3. cassie/harsh/kevin - what equipment do you use?
  4. also "the way people talk keeps me up til dawn/too stoned to scream them down" is a hot ass line
  5. strange to try to make sweeping commentary on human inadequacy when you can stand to learn a lot more yrself bub
  6. probably going to take a listen when I get the chance
  7. 1. detached; forgetful 2. I was a really, really finicky eater until my early teenage years, and still am to a very small extent (I still don't like seafood much at all) Sometimes I feel I was praised too often as a kid In my senior year just before graduation, a not-well-liked overweight kid jumped onto the hood of his friend's slow-moving car as a prank, got thrown off onto the pavement by the braking driver, and died two days later. There was a widespread outpouring of not-well-substantiated grief/thinly-disguised remorse, especially from those who had made fun of him constantly. I hadn't really ever made fun of him but he wasn't pleasant to be around because he was pretty loud and smelly. At graduation, there was a big "in memoriam" spiel for him which the parents and staff thought was very heartfelt. Every student knew that outside of a few genuine people, said outpouring was more or less fraudulent. These circumstances made for some of the weirdest days in my teenage life.
  8. I needed to switch the colon and semicolon around tho
  9. this is better than I remember it being
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