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  1. this ended up being very good. they go in on "folk politics" early, and maybe harshly – but the way they map out a future for left politic makes a ton of sense
  2. cashed in some gift cards on two pitols (the journey and the art of flight), alisa ganieva's the mountain and the wall, rick perlstein's before the storm, and georgiakas/surkin's detroit: i do mind dying
  3. i hardly listen to music anymore! <kendrick voice> what the fuck happened uh the necessaries – event horizon danny brown – atrocity exhibition john prine – s/t tatsuro yamashita – for you that's about it. i liked a seat at the table a lot but i gotta listen again
  4. yes, we're doing quite well! i am eager to leave my dumb job in july and start on library science study
  5. ryan my partner and i are APPLYING to simmons so if they give us lots of dang $$$ we'll be seein u
  6. idk but he probably defies yr authors that are shit partners + parents thread
  7. auster, outside of maybe half of the new york trilogy, isn't worth a shit updike, mailer, roth, all overrated plenty of good american lit tho. you just have to dig for it!
  8. lol nick did you make it into the magary mailbag this year http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2016-tennessee-titans-1784250380
  9. trafalgar was pretty good, although i think i was having trouble focusing when i was reading it
  10. dude many social scientists may be marxist but that doesn't mean they have the means to mitigate the problems they diagnose
  11. also mohanty's FEMINISM WITHOUT BORDERS (both rather slowly)
  12. whatta coinkydink! i'm reading graeber's DEBT: THE FIRST 5,000 YEARS
  13. given that the attacked party's intended endgame is literally genocide, i don't feel particularly bad when they get dogpiled on by the very people they advocate to exterminate
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