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  1. I don't think there was a specific song. I just remember I was listening to their songs occasionally when they came on my iPod (before I listened to albums), and over time I found more and more that I liked. I think Lucky may have been the song that made me think the band was worth paying a lot of attention to.
  2. I've at least come round to one song on this record; Codex. It always kind of got lost somewhere when I was listening to the whole album because the first five tracks always numbed me. But it's actually a really cool song, certainly has a similar feel to Pyramid Song
  3. I believe there's actually a book out or coming out consisting entirely of quotes from the Gallagher brothers. I'd be rather interested in getting that; it's all their valuable for these days.
  4. The moment where he sings the title lyric is pretty great, probably one of the best moments on the album. Besides that it's fairly pleasant but those backing vocals just make the whole thing seem so silly and sentimental
  5. Hmm...nope I got my hopes up too high yesterday. The band has lost me with this one; the greater focus on rhythms and grooves doesn't appeal to me. It's alright, perfectly listenable, but that's about it. Although Give up the Ghost is just lame (backing vocals in particular). No longer feel any desire to listen to it, and when I get to that point there's usually no point in trying anymore because I can't convince myself to be interested. It's not a case of heightened expectations either, because I have had absolutely no idea of what Radiohead have been doing for about the past year and ha
  6. Yeah even though I didn't like it the first four times I heard it, I felt a need to put it back on again. Sixth listen now and things are definitely steadily improving, this has started to move into the 7/10 range but I wouldn't be surprised if it went higher than that.
  7. First two listens: baffled, scratching head 3rd and 4th listens: feeling nothing except a bit of resignation 5th listen just now: this is starting to sound kind of cool! I'm not getting too excited yet but there's enough incentive for me to keep listening I've actually never before heard an album five times in a day, since it's not usually my way of doing things, but this album has felt like a puzzle to be solved and so when I'm not listening to it, it's still bothering me.
  8. So is it just objects? Any object? As long as it's over one foot?
  9. good idea I don't think there are many people that pathetic around here anyway. Anyone who was would just make it worse for themselves by admitting to being annoyed
  10. I voted for the new because if most of MT likes this I'm happy to go along with it
  11. It's fine I guess, but I did rather like the old board because it just had it's own distinct look, whereas this new look is something I've seen a lot
  12. Man this new board is weirding me out a lot
  13. It's 3 hours til the end of March 3rd and I'm still here I win even more
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