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  1. calm


    hey cindy c: how you doin'?
  2. calm


    ash/till what happened to that guy from your homeland that sat in a bathtub of oranges and sang del shannon's runaway?
  3. calm

    this board

    man it needs to get published tbh
  4. calm

    this board

    I'm slowly making my way through that thread now and it's the greatest! None of the links in the first post work anymore, though. :c
  5. calm

    this board

    simply the best message board
  6. ned to step it smiley game up, you know? http://slumz.boxden.com/f13/computer-game-in-mid-90s-used-to-play-in-school-1814106/
  7. dang that was amazin' @_____@
  8. yeah, i was pretty excited about the temp board tbh!
  9. hey, your pm box is full, guy. i was wondering where your seats are for the bragentina game?

    1. shep proudfoot

      shep proudfoot

      somewhere behind the argentina bench

  10. do it pump some fresh juice into this bhole
  11. @ user Noiretirc

    fuck off, guy

  12. clanclan do you ever peed backwards lik eu pinto your dick

  13. was it sudden stars? 60s space station music everybody wearing metallic vests B]

  14. yeah i am using mcgruff crime dog tactics to sniff out possible drama i am sorry

  15. calm

    sometimes things don't work out

  16. calm

    brian u scared of cracks

  17. calm

    damn, man. i just finished dexter was gonna go slep. maybe this week?

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