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  1. i didn't forget about this but i kind of did but then i remembered and i started it yesterday and will post it later this week
  2. biweekly would prob work better for my current schedule
  3. calm


    hey cindy c: how you doin'?
  4. calm


    ash/till what happened to that guy from your homeland that sat in a bathtub of oranges and sang del shannon's runaway?
  5. hey no sweatpants but i will contribute if you make it
  6. dang, maybe we can take turns organizing (each week (or however long a theme lasts) has a different person choosing the theme / compiling the art) 'cause i'm probably too busy to keep up with it all by myself. :ccc
  7. u the heart of our megazord foppe and i just the arms
  8. this is still my masterwork, though http://themutsunnameless.ytmnd.com/
  9. i made this short thingy for a class a few years ago http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v642/liffy/projectmovie.mp4 made in windows movie maker even dang
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