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  1. Lol rose that's what I thought immediately too.
  2. Lol rose that's what I thought immediately too.
  3. i dunno, i take forever to do these sorts of things. i just finished week1 challenge lol this is my place on the outskirts of town: idk if you can tell what's going on but it's a person jumping into a river, there's a place on the outskirts of town where you can do that and it's one of my favorite summertime spots in the philly area. i used some fancy paint program on my tablet to get the effect. not trying to mess up the cycle you've got going on by taking another two months to do a drawing, marcos, but it does sound like a lot of fun.
  4. I actually got pretty far along with this yesterday, decided to try a *digital painting* on my tablet, it's pretty fun actually. i'm going to try to work on it during my lunch break and hopefully post a thing soon.
  5. i know what i wanna do and how i wanna do it, just gotta do it. really wanted to use watercolors though but i do not have them apparently.
  6. i get this in chrome all the time, right now.
  7. helsabot


    I was happy to support the next incarnation of this project, janel. I can't wait to get it : )
  8. I'll make the trek to NYC for the big day, if we end up doing meet ups. Edit: it's on a Wednesday? Boo... Edit Edit: Just kidding, was looking at July not August. SATURDAY NIGHT let's do this.
  9. this sounds great!! catchy as f
  10. I'm shooting with some 120 film for the first time and am sending it to Philadelphia Photographics to be processed, a friend of mine recommended it so I figured I'd try it out. I'll let you know how it goes (obviously, by posting results!).
  11. harsh your theme pix (and others) are so great! the (e)xtra special one was my favorite : ) i still have to get mine developed. i'll post them later, they're on like 3 diff rolls of film though and some have to be sent away to get developed : \ hopefully soon i guess.
  12. harsh do you wanna meet up during the day next weekend or sometime this month and take pics in philly together? msg me if yeah. having a buddy with a camera is cool.
  13. Hello I finally sent you the list, sorry for the delay I have been a very busy bee. : ) i knew i could count on you, tapz I decided to make this photo hunt "film optional" so don't feel pressured to start a roll you can't finish. and also the month of feb is really just a guideline, if it takes you longer no one will really mind. just do whatever makes you comfortable. the length of time it takes me to go through a roll really depends on how active i am in trying to take photographs. if i go on a trip somewhere or just on a photo mission, i can finish a roll in a day. i think typically my "casual" photography style means 1 or 2 rolls per month. Hopefully you'll be seeing mine by the end of the month, and maybe some in March too. I am going to use both my Pentax 35mm and my Holga 120mm, so i'll have to get a couple different things developed this time. i know this list can be tough but don't be afraid to take conceptual leaps. as long as the thing in the photo sorta reminds you of the theme, it's cool. i can't wait to see what you post, doe : )
  14. helsabot


    j-nel i have successfully moved to my new home and am ready to accept incoming mail. please let me know when i can provide an address to receive a copy of SMALL MOUNTAINS. i would also be willing to send you a thing in return, perhaps several pieces of fudge and a mixtape. i look forward to your response.
  15. Crazy_maybe, I can pm the text based list to you tomorrow if you want. You take lovely photos.
  16. You can post them here I guess, just put what theme the pic is under it. That's what I'm doing, unless it's worth stating a Flickr group for or something. Maybe next time I'll set that up if people are interested. I don't care what you use to take the pics, but Harsh and I will probably be film snobs for this month. : ) It's more about creativity than quality anyway imo.
  17. hey so i made a photo scavenger hunt list for the month of February, if anyone besides me and harsh wants to participate. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ul0cGV1Avj1T71lKssVvDqfNG4l_fzM1oezs64eSHAg/edit?usp=sharing let me know if you're "into it" / have fun trying to find a photo of "capitalism" and "a really great tree"
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    I read that you already had a bunch to send out so I figured I'd let you get the important ones going first. But yes, if/when you make more please send one over to me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm moving within the next month so I'm not sure where to tell you to send it yet, depends on when batch 2 is deployed. I have a little indie zine collection hanging around my house for people to read when they have a free minute, yours would make an excellent addition I'm sure. I'm just really excited for you to have completed this, and a bit jealous I must admit. I've been wanting to make something like that for years, but never really get past page two or three haha.
  19. helsabot


    Janel, that looks amazing! Congratulations on finishing your project.
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