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  1. i get this in chrome all the time, right now.
  2. I'll make the trek to NYC for the big day, if we end up doing meet ups. Edit: it's on a Wednesday? Boo... Edit Edit: Just kidding, was looking at July not August. SATURDAY NIGHT let's do this.
  3. Hey I exist I just never post cause I don't relate to the internet lifestyle much anymore and can't keep track of who anyone is, ever. I occasionally read some threads if they sound like a thing i would like to read. Down to talk about cats and pop punk, though. ~ Liz
  4. The mobile version sucks butts, I can't go to the last post on a page it just takes me to the most recent post I've read. For threads more than a few pages long it makes things pretty darn annoying. Also it does this thing where it has a bar across the page saying the page is loading, sometimes combining two or three of these identical bars that do not go away which makes it impossible to click on shit. I'll try to screencap that next time it annoys me.
  5. yolo i'll go anyone know how much tickets are?
  6. alright, who wrote "the moon rules #1" on my car?

  7. i really like your avatar. frogs are the best kinds of people.

  8. its a mystery!! lol seriously whats the point in having an alias if you tell people. and i don't think it's that difficult to figure out.

  9. hey whose alias are you??

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