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  1. you can quote it and it will bring the convo back to present tense. or if you do start a thread from someone's message, the OP gets a notification that someone replied to them, so they'll almost certainly see it.
  2. you guys ever chew the gum or wear the patch to quit? i'm starting to consider it because other stuff isn't working well. i heard it gives you terrible nightmares though, which honestly freaks me out.
  3. yea it was a pretty fun game. i got the dlc that's basically France and it's alright but i think i got burnt out after completing every quest and getting every master armor thing and yada yada. i should probably go back to it eventually.
  4. ya know what i like? a good fruit based hot sauce. https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/unlucky-13-hot-sauce/abb6b4d4-6146-4de4-8e4e-09128c73723c i bet that would be great.
  5. helsabot


    You can also just click the "take me there anyway" link. I've always just used the desktop app, but I use Slack for work anyway so I suppose that's not a good answer for everyone.
  6. i like to dip potato chips in this. plain regular boring potato chips.
  7. put this shit in your ramen with some fresh basil leaves,
  8. Sriracha on mac n cheese Sriracha on plain pizza Sriracha on scrambled eggs
  9. yea this is classic fuller. a bit too much so at times, with the Hannibal-esque noises and slow motion shots of rain and blood and what not. for the record i am a huge fan of the book and i'm enjoying it so far. already renewed for a second season so it's not going anywhere.
  10. helsabot


    even you mooks (pm me your email address for an invite)
  11. helsabot


    +5 points :illuminati: it's also okay to ask for an invite to slack and join or whatever but not post super frequently or only if MT is being wonky. like.. no pressure, pretty sure we can have unlimited people.
  12. helsabot


    you gotta be invited, if you send me (or anyone already on the slack team) your email address they can send you an invite (clickable link to your email) and you make a lil account and that's pretty much it. you can download the app if you want, or just use it on the web. everyone on mt is welcome to do this.
  13. helsabot

    the ? game

    a nice wallpaper that's not too garish. favorite berry?
  14. helsabot


    You need a unique username and authentication for each Slack "team" rose. You can have multiple teams added on the desktop or mobile app, and they don't interact with each other. I have a work Slack, a personal Slack, and the mt Slack teams all on the same app with different logins. There's not really a way to get you to be part of the mt team using your current login info unless the teams specifically allow for it in settings. Let me know if you need more info or want me to try to add you as a guest user on this team.
  15. you don't really need a wok for stir fry, you just need a (preferably non-stick) pan that's big enough to hold all the junk in it. i use yummly.com a lot for finding interesting recipes and saving them for later. one of the cool features is that you can adjust the number of servings you want when viewing the recipe and it will change the amount of ingredients needed. so if a recipe is originally made for 8 servings (so annoying), you can pretty easily see how you do it for 2 servings instead.
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